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Bonnie & Clyde Wedding !!!

About 7 months ago during the beautiful North Carolina fall season, we first met Julie & Bert for their engagement shoot. We had only talked once prior and if memory serves me correctly we were both out in the mountains that day and we had to keep reconnecting because of a bad signal. The day of we instantly hit it off and their chemistry of camera was so effortless. It was a little cool out that day and our the destination they chose for their photos was The Devil's Court house which is a short but very steep hike right off the Blue Ridge Parkway putting you a little over 5,000ft above sea level at the top. Once you reach the summit it is absolutely beautiful, especially during the golden hour leading up to sunset which we had chosen for the time of their session. Below are a few of the great memories that we captured for the day.

Julie and Bert were so happy with the way things turned out and that they were able to connect with us that shortly after, they decided they wanted us to be their wedding photographers!!! We were so stoked because we loved working with them and we soon became friends! In the months leading up to the wedding we were fortunate to hang out with Julie & Bert a couple of times and I say that as they are both immensely busy, especially with Bert's business Asheville Pretzel Company recently getting into Ingles! During those occasions leading up to their big day, we talked about everything from family to Asheville, to life, goals, etc. We also discussed the theme for their wedding and it was going to be a rustic themed wedding out at Appalachian Farm Weddings & Events in Waynesville, NC (pictured below) but what was especially unique and exciting was that they also wanted to have a Bonnie & Clyde wedding theme and re-create some of the most famous pictures of the infamous couple.

When we arrived at the venue, we were instantly greeted by the natural beauty of the 400 Acre farm that has been family owned for several generations. Nothing more impressive than the barn itself, which sits perfectly, surrounded by the lush green mountains and beautiful blue skies. Of course we made sure to hit many of the traditional things that couples want captured at their wedding such as the vibrant bouquets which seem to just pop with color and of course, what rustic wedding would be complete without boots!? The ladies boots were on point and the barrel added a nice southern touch.

Lastly, the photos you've been waiting for! Julie and Bert were brilliant and the sepia tones helped add to the old time feel that they were trying to create.

(Such a combination of beauty and bold!)

(married 2 hours and already laying down the law...JK :))

(By far our favorite!)

As wedding photographers in Asheville, we get see our fair share of wild, unique, and fun. Bert and Julie's wedding certainly had all of those ingredients. Many couples simply follow the traditional route, theme, or flow to their day, and that's completely fine too, as we know everyone has a vision of what they imagine their wedding day to be like. But, let's say just for a second you think your idea isn't feasible? Or it's too out there, or "OMG my photographer would never feel comfortable with that,". Remember, it's your vision, it's your day, and at the end of your day it's your happiness that matters. DO IT!!!

Joe & Jenny

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