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Homewood Wedding Asheville: Emily + David

A lot of couples opt to have a winter weddings for a host of reasons, but rarely does it turn out to be as glorious as Emily and David's winter wedding at The Homewood in Asheville! The night before temperatures plummeted (we're talking negative 6 wind chill!!!) and Asheville was hit with approximately 7 inches of snow! For those couples that do decide to have their wedding in the winter, having a fresh coat of snow on the ground is the ultimate and in Emily & David's case, we had plenty to work with! Throw in the timeless elegance of their wedding venue Homewood and this was the absolute perfect setting for these two lovebird's wedding day!

Jenny and I have been fortunate enough to work at the Homewood several times in the past couple years and it is always a wonderful experience! Nikki was our onsite coordinator for the day and everything went super smooth to say the least! Of course working working at the Homewood as a wedding photographer is always fun because of the helpful staff but additionally, the outside and inside are a site to be seen as well! The decor for the day had a little bit of a Christmas feel to it with the rich greens perfectly complimenting the red highlights of the Emily & her bridesmaids flowers and shoes! Throw in a snow covered exterior and we were in awe of the magic of this day!

Of course as with all of our wedding days, the real story was about David and Emily. We were blessed to be introduced to them from mutual friends a few months prior and fortunate in that they decided we were the team to cover their wedding day! Of course as with any wedding, each couple, their venue, their friends & family, and the overall feel to the day is unique. After spending the day with David and Emily and their closest loved ones who traveled from all over to be there, we can truly say the themes of the day that stood out to us the most were love, moments, and fun! Love at a wedding? No kidding right!? But we're not talking about just the love shared between David and Emily which was obvious to anyone in the room when these two were together, but the love in between and all around throughout the day from their friends and family. Several times throughout the day, Jenny and I remarked to each other at how we felt like family because everyone made us feel so welcome! As you're about to see from the photos throughout the day, everyone surrounding Emily and David was positive, supportive, and genuinely having a great time, which is always the hope for any wedding day! When we say moments, most weddings are made up of many subtle moments throughout the day that we are always trying our best to document as some are gone in the blink of an eye, but at David and Emily's special day, moments were plentiful! From David breakdancing during the first dance to the emotional first touch before the ceremony, it's hard to pick a favorite. Did I already mention fun!? From laughs and goofing off while everyone was getting ready, to a dance off between the groom and a bridesmaid, if you didn't smile or laugh at this wedding, you probably didn't have a pulse!

Of course we didn't forget about the lovely ladies!

Get your tissues......

We told you...

And then it was time to get married :)

Time to get into that fun reception we were talking about (brrr!)

But wait, there's more!

We hope you enjoyed following along on David and Emily's wedding at Homewood Asheville!!!

-Joe & Jenny


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