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Cliffs at Glassy Chapel Elopement: Bridget & Jacob

There’s just something so special about a romantic elopement! You have a bride & groom, very few guests present, and usually a more intimate setting than if you decided to go the traditional route! Less stress because you don’t have to worry about planning for hundreds of guest meals, entertainment, accommodations, and more importantly, it let’s you focus on being in the moment with your husband/wife and devoting all your time to them on this special day. Throw in a beautiful setting like The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and an amazing couple like Bridget & Jacob and you have the makings for an absolutely wonderful wedding day! Like many of the amazing couples we get to work with from out of state, we did not get to meet Bridget and Jacob until the morning of their big day! Jenny and I decided that we would arrive early to scout spots for their first look and some of the photos we had all discussed previously. This was awesome because it gave us a chance to settle in and get warmed up (literally and figuratively)! Shortly after we arrived, Bridget and Jacob did too! You could tell they were both excited and as we got to know them, we both knew this was going to be a beautiful morning spent with these two!

One of the things we were excited about was that they wanted to do a first look! This is always super exciting for us as well as first looks can be one of the more moving moments of any wedding day! Once Jacob finished getting ready, we got him in place and of course I had to snap a few groom portraits! Before we could get too deep into conversation I saw Jenny leading Bridget out the front door of the country club on her way to us. The anticipation was killer but so worth it! Jacob’s expression was priceless the first time he saw Bridget in her wedding dress and why not? She was beautiful!

After a few minutes of Jacob and Bridget taking it all in and of course a few photos, we were ahead of schedule and decided to head to the Chapel to squeeze in some more couples portraits before the preacher arrived!

Aside from being a an architectural beauty, the chapel itself sits near the edge of a rock face that literally appears to jut out of the ground a couple hundred feet straight up. The view from here (at approximately 3000ft elevation) is quite breathtaking and makes for an amazing setting for any picture occasion, especially weddings! It’s a little less than an hour from Asheville and just about 40 minutes from Greenville, SC so it’s placed perfectly in the middle and still holds some of the mountainous terrain we’re used to in Asheville, making for some epic views! Inside of the chapel it has a traditional look in terms of set up, but the one thing that really makes this chapel stand out in our opinion is the beautiful natural light element from all of the windows surrounding the chapel! The mix of the traditional styled warm interior combined with the natural light creates a beautiful contrast for photos that we just love!

Jacob and Bridget decided to walk each other down the aisle (so sweet!).

After a short and at times comical ceremony (thanks Pastor Alex!) these two were Mr. and Mrs!

Our fun didn’t stop there and boy are we glad because as the day went on and we got to know Bridget and Jacob more and more, they really started to open up and their comfort on camera was simply amazing!

We are always excited to come back to The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and shoot weddings but working with Bridget and Jacob was so laid back and fun that it will always hold a special place in our heart! Congrats to this awesome couple and thank you all for following along!

Joe & Jenny

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