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Craggy Gardens Engagement: Sonya + Justin

We still remember the first night we met Sonya and Justin at Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River, NC! As we started to get to know them over the amazing food and a few brews, we thought to ourselves, “What a cool, fun, and laid back couple!” We especially took note of the way they were around each other. Loving, lighthearted, and always laughing about something! As many couples often do, they told us at one point that they tend to feel a little awkward taking pictures and I even think Sonya had to talk Justin into getting engagement pictures before their wedding day, but man are we so glad they did! As is always the case, couples that tell us they think they are awkward for photos are always our favorites because every time they turn out awesome! Justin and Sonya were no exception! Nervous but excited, they showed up brews in hand ready to have fun and love each other for the camera! Nothing ever awkward about that ☺

Wait where is the rest of Craggy? As is literally almost always the case with engagements up at Craggy Gardens, the weather went awry on this day with Justin and Sonya and unfortunately by the time we started ascending the pinnacle trail, the fog rolled in with no remorse. They were a little disappointed but we were blessed to have someone reschedule last minute and we were able to squeeze in another quick trip up to Craggy and on this particular day, the views were exceptional! Mountains as far as the eye could see and beautifully lit skies served as the perfect backdrop to make their engagement shoot complete! As we head towards October, we are super excited to work with these two again on their wedding day! Special thanks to Justin and Sonya for making the hike twice ☺

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