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Biltmore Proposal: Kevin + Sapna

Engagement season is definitely in full swing and our most recent engagement we had the pleasure of capturing was Kevin & Sapna! Kevin contacted us about 2 weeks before his planned proposal to Sapna and you could tell he was very excited! After helping Kevin pick out the perfect location to get down on one knee, we just needed to decide on a day! They were planning to be in town for a week so in theory we had plenty of options! The only thing we had to work around was the weather. Those of you in the Asheville area already know that it was ridiculously cold the past few weeks and they were going to be visiting the Biltmore during this time. Initially Kevin was leaning towards her birthday, but after looking at the weather on that day, the high was going to be 20 with the low being 7! After alluding to the fact that she wasn’t a big fan of the cold, we thought it would be best to plan for one day earlier and boy are we glad they did! Though it was still cold, the wind was virtually non-existent and the lighting on this day was heavenly! As we moved about the grounds of The Biltmore and got them warmed up (figuratively speaking) the thing that stuck out to us the most was their passion. Everything we did with these two was effortless. When we set them up, we would catch the subtleties in their body language, hone in on that and naturally let their love unfold in front of our eyes. As the sun started to go down, and our time with these two came to an end, we didn’t mind the cold so much as they completely warmed our souls!

Congrats Kevin and Sapna and thank you allowing us to be a part of our journey!

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