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Lake Lure Engagement Photos: Nick + Lindsey

As you may have seen on social media, we recently had the opportunity to get our feet wet with a fun couple named Nick & Lindsey! Their beautiful engagement session was in Lake Lure, NC and they brought along their fur baby Kiyah who was absolutely adorbs, but this isn’t where our story begins. Our story begins a few months prior when Nick contacted us about planning a surprise Biltmore Proposal for his now Fiance Lindsey. After a connecting with Nick and going over some initial ideas, we laid out the perfect plan for his proposal to Lindsey. Well, almost perfect. Many of the things we try to account for we accounted for like timing, lighting, directions, set up, etc, but the one thing none of us could’ve planned for was Lindsey getting very ill the night before the proposal. We felt terrible because we knew Nick had already gone through the entire planning process and made travel arrangements, but sometimes life just simply has other plans. We reached out a little while after the proposal to see if he wanted to possibly try to plan another, but he soon informed us that he decided to go ahead and pop the question and that he and Lindsey were already engaged (insert happy dance)! Shortly after congratulating Nick, he had mentioned just doing a traditional engagement session where he used to live in Lake Lure. We were so on board and it ended up being such a fun night!

From the get go, Nick and Lindsey welcomed us with open arms and before we could even begin to start chatting, they were both full speed ahead, sliding down a steep ravine in clothes that definitely weren’t made for the terrain but nonetheless, they made it down like champs! Things only got better from there! They were willing to go just about knee deep in the water with us which made our day and made for some pretty romantic engagement shots! Side note, this literally might be one of our favorite spots now (IJS). From there we made our way over to morse park, which is just across the street from the 1927 Inn in Lake Lure. The park itself is very scenic and offers water front as well as mountain views. Once we got there they brought out Kiyah to play for a little bit right before the sun went down!

Lindsey and Nick were a picture of love and even though we were bummed about missing their proposal, we were so stoked for their engagement! The evening was beautiful, the setting was so dreamy, and these two were absolutely perfect! Congrats you guys!

Joe & Jenny


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