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Asheville Wedding Century Room: Sarah + Joe

Updated: Apr 5

night time silhouette of the bride and groom in a green light

Every now and then a couple comes along and they just blow you away. Sometimes it’s for their chemistry on camera. Other times it’s for their sweet personalities and how they treat each other as well as the people around them. And then there’s couples like Sarah and Joe where it’s truly a harmonious blend of both! From the first time we connected with these two on the phone, we knew they were going to be special to work with for their engagement and their wedding. Our instincts couldn’t have been more spot on! They came up during the fall last year to visit with family while in Asheville and absolutely rocked their engagement session at The NC Arboretum. Not only did we grow quite fond of them in this short amount of time but social media did too. I distinctly remember getting a call from Jenny’s mom after we posted a preview on facebook and her saying something along the lines of who was that gorgeous couple!?!? (lol). It wasn’t only their chemistry on camera, but it’s as if they both showed who they truly are. Their personalities shined bright and as we got to know them, and their story individually as well as together, you couldn’t help but to love Sarah and Joe and admire so many of the qualities they both had.

This admiration and respect was never more apparent than on their wedding day. The mutual joy they shared with their friends and families, the amount of happy tears, and heartfelt speeches left us in awe. As wedding photographers, we always get to see people in their happiest moments so you could say our view of someone could be slightly skewed but to hear it from their loved ones who’ve known them all their lives and see the happiness they experienced as they watched these two amazing people come together was truly inspiring. Probably our favorite part of their wedding day at The Century Room in downtown Asheville was a tie between their first dance and the overall dance party for the reception. Our good friend Tom from Mountain Top Entertainment got the crowd going and they never stopped! It made for plenty of fun captures and priceless memories that they are sure to look back on and laugh for years to come, but don’t take our word for it! Keep scrolling to see this amazing wedding day!

groomsman helping the groom with his suspenders
groomsmen getting ready
groom laughing while his buddy helps him with his tie
groomsmen adjusting the groom's bowtie
groom putting on his shoes
groomsmen making last minute adjustments
groom helping groomsmen with cufflinks
pin for the groom to wear
chapel of the prodigal sign
bride's bouquet
inside of the chapel
flower girls working on crafts
bride's dress hanging on an old door
bride's mother helping her put on her dress
bride looking over her shoulder as her mom helps with her dress
bride laughing with her mother
bride holding her dad's hands
bride's dad's tie
bride's shoes and ring
bride's necklace
bridal portrait in front of an old door
flower girls blowing bubbles
bride hugging her grandmother
bridal portrait in the window light
bridal party portrait in the chapel
groom and groom's party walking into the wedding venue
bride and her dad walking down the aisle
groom smiling as the bride walks down the aisle
bride's dad kissing her cheek
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
chapel wedding ceremony
first kiss
bride and groom during their recessional
bride hugging her relative
man holding his daughter
wedding party standing on a stage
wedding party walking in downtown Asheville
groom whispering in the bride's ear as she smiles
bride and groom holding hands and walking
bride and groom holding hands in downtown Asheville
bride smiling as caressing in the groom
bride smiling as the groom hugs her from behind
wedding sign in table
wedding cake
bride and groom sharing their first dance
bride and groom dancing
groom dipping the bride on the dance floor
little girl smiling on the dance floor
bride laughing as she dances with the groom
little girl in the bride's arms
bridesmaid giving a speech
groomsman giving a toast
bride and groom laughing during their toasts
bride and groom holding hands during the speeches
wedding guest crying during a speech
wedding guests cheering and clapping
groom laughing with his friends
bride dancing with her dad
groom dancing with his mom
goofy photo of the groom with his friend
wedding guests laughing and dancing
two wedding guests dancing and laughing while surrounded by other people
group photo of everyone at the reception
wedding guests getting low
bride and groom laughing and dancing while their guests cheer them on
bride cracking up on the dance floor
bride and groom both laughing
bride and her friends in the photo booth
lights blurring on the dance floor
bride and maid of honor dancing
bride and groom twirling on the dance floor
two wedding guests singing
groom laughing while dancing with his aunt
bride and groom during their sparkler exit

Big congrats to Sarah and Joe as they embark on this beautiful journey called marriage and a special thank you to all of the amazing wedding vendors who helped to bring this special day to life!

Reception Venue: The Century Room

Hair: The Middy by Mary Prahska

Make up: Pop of Color

Catering: Pack’s Tavern

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