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Linville Gorge Wedding: Amy + AJ

Last fall we met a couple up on the Blue Ridge Parkway for their engagement session. At the time all we knew was their names were Amy & AJ and they wanted to get some beautiful outdoor scenery for their photos while incorporating the vibrant fall colors as well. Once we finally got an opportunity to meet them we hit it off immediately! Not only were Amy & AJ as kind and genuine as they come, but they were also adventurous and very fitness minded (our people)! As we made our way around Graveyard Fields, we talked Cross Fit and these two put their love on display! It was beautiful, it was fun, and it was seemingly effortless as Amy and AJ were crazy about each other! Upon finishing up, they told us a little bit about the vision for their wedding day. It was going to be at a beautiful overlook in the Linville Gorge Wilderness area called Wiseman’s View and it was going to be an intimate ceremony accommodating just a few family and close friends. As we had hoped, they loved their engagement photos, and when the opportunity came to be a part of their special day, we simply could not wait!

When that perfect Sunday in June finally arrived, we made our way to the Linville area to meet up with Amy and AJ beforehand and set up their first look! We decided to get there early and scope it out so we could take it all in, shoot some of the scenery they loved, and figure out where we wanted to set up everything. On our hike back to the parking lot, we saw Amy walking down the covered path. Not that you need us to tell you but she was radiant! She absolutely took our breath away and at the time we could only imagine how AJ was going to react. We decided to split up so Jenny would go with Amy to do some bridals and I would wait for AJ to arrive. Once AJ pulled up, and hopped out, you could tell he was excited! With a little bit of coordination we brought AJ out to Amy and set him up for the first look (anticipation much!?). What happened next was one of the sweetest moments we can remember at any wedding. They exchanged vows right there and between the heartfelt words as well as the emotion of the first look, there was no way anyone was getting out of here without some happy tears.

As family and friends poured in, the good vibes and excitement were plentiful! Those gathered soon made their way to the ceremony site with AJ to take in beauty of all that surrounded them. Amy smiled with her dad as she walked her down the aisle and AJ smiled back with absolute delight. This was the movement everyone had been waiting for.

After what can only be described as a dreamy ceremony and couples photos after, we all went back to their Air b n b to further celebrate with family and friends, and if you haven’t had your daily dose of cute, just wait until you see Amy and AJ with their fur baby Lola!

Amy and AJ’s wedding was everything we love about what we do wrapped up into one. Awesome people, epic locations, and real connections!

Congrats to Amy & AJ and thank you guys for allowing us to be a part of your day!


HAMU: Rachel Howard

Videography: Nine World Films

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