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Game of Thrones Wedding: Stephanie + David

During January, we receive a lot of wedding inquires for later in the year and the next year. It’s a time here in Asheville where winter sets in and many of the wedding venues have shut down for the season. This past January it was also a time where we received one of the most unique inquiries to date! We were contacted by Stephanie as she was looking for a photographer to capture her vow renewal for her and her husband David. But, this wasn’t just going to be any vow renewal, they were going to be having a Game of Thrones themed vow renewal! Immediately we were intrigued for multiple reasons. First, Stephanie and David were going on 67 & 74 years young. For us it represented so many the things we believe in as a couple. We live in a day and age where things like love and relationships are often taken for granted until it’s too late. To us, the fact that Stephanie and David wanted to celebrate their love and relationship in such a unique way with their family and friends spoke volumes about the deep connection these two share and their joy for life! Throw in a Game of Thrones theme and how could this not be a super fun day to be a part of? Stephanie told us that it was going to be lighthearted, mostly family oriented celebration with a lot of food and drinks! She and David were going to be the King and Queen for the day vs the bride and groom and everything else would follow suit as many of the friends and family in attendance would be in full character!

In talking with other vendors throughout the year about upcoming weddings and events we were excited about on the horizon, we couldn’t help but bring this one up! As the date approached we received more and more details on the vision for the day and our anticipation grew! When Stephanie and David’s special day finally arrived, we felt like we had been transported in time. The venue had taken on the feel of a medieval village where the ceremony and reception would be held. Fresh as can Bee catering prepared the spread and it was definitely a meal fit for a King. Staying with the theme of the day, everything was set similar as you would have seen back then and all the food could be eaten by hand! On top of the amazing styling by Something Like a Dream Weddings and Events, much of the decor and many of the outfits being worn were completely authentic. Some of which we were told we couldn’t even show online or social media due to potential copyright issues with Disney (hey you have to pick and choose your battles right?). With everything set and in place, friends, and family gathered for a celebration this special day was set to be memorable but the true shining stars of the day were Stephanie and Dave. From the moment we first met them, you could see that they were both glowing with joy! David made the rounds and entertained guests while Stephanie prepared for the day’s events. There was no question that David was King on this day and his presence could only be matched by Stephanie’s beauty as she completely embodied the look of a powerful Queen.

After this celebration was done, you couldn’t help but leaving with a smile on your face. We must have talked about the experience of being a part of this celebration for a week straight! Social media absolutely fell in love with Stephanie and David and I’m sure for many reasons. Reasons like Game of Thrones being popular and getting to see something unique. But we believe at the end of the day it’s because of the story they tell. One of love, one of life, and one of celebration! Congrats to Stephanie and David on continuing to celebrate your love and write your story. What you two share is an inspiration to us all!


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