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Savannah Engagement: Martine + Maurice

Updated: Mar 19

couple smiling at each other by an ivy wall

God has an interesting and sometimes mysterious way of bringing us together. This story is a perfect example of that. Martine is from the Bahamas, her fiance Maurice lives in Georgia, and we live in Asheville. Somehow the stars aligned for us to meet these two beautiful souls and the journey has been quite amazing so far! We were first contacted by Martine earlier this year in March when she inquired about our availability for her wedding in October. Now anyone whose followed along on our adventures via blog or social media already knows that October is by far the busiest month for photographers in this area, in fact last year, we had two days in that entire month that did not have shoots scheduled. Based on those stats, what were the odds that we would possibly have a weekend day available? Well in this case pretty good, as we had one Sunday left and this just happened to be the day that Martine and Maurice would be Wed! Of course, we were curious about how a couple from The Bahamas, and Georgia decides to get married in Asheville. Turns out Maurice went to school in the area! As if this wasn’t enough, we were going to be traveling to the Bahamas very soon for a destination wedding and we thought this would be a great opportunity to meet in person! Due the steep price of the short trips between islands, we mutually decided it would be better to FaceTime when her and Maurice get together so we could all meet and get to know each other as well as discuss the vision for their wedding day!

After getting to connect via FaceTime, we hit it off and we soon discovered they Martine would be visiting Maurice in July. We had briefly discussed the possibility of engagement photos, but we weren’t sure how logistics would work. Once we heard this, we knew we were already planning a trip to Charleston during that time so we figured a little detour to Savannah where they would be staying would be perfect! They agreed and soon we would be making the trip down south to meet them both in person!

Of course you always somewhat anticipate how people are going to be when you meet them for the first time and we had nothing but great expectations for meeting Martine and Maurice after getting to know them briefly in the past few months. When we finally did get to meet them, they absolutely blew us away! They are a perfect picture of love. Individually both of their spirits shine so bright and when they come together it is what we call photo magic! From the first moment we captured all the way until the romantic sunset at the end of the evening, they were completely in the moment with each other. Nothing forced, nothing contrived for pictures, just joy and happiness blossoming on this late summer night in Savannah!

couple holding hands and smiling as they walk
man laughing as he walks with his fiance
couple's hands
couple smiling as they eskimo kiss
woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear
couple sitting on a bench on together in a park
couple laughing as they sit together in a park
woman smiling as she and her fiance wrap their arms around each other
couple walking down the sidewalk with their arms around each other
couple laughing together in downtown
couple smiling at each other as a woman wraps around her fiance's arm

couple kissing on a row of trees
traditional portrait of a couple smiling at the camera
man kissing his fiance on the forehead
couple standing together as traffic blurs by
car driving in front of an engaged couple on the sidewalk
man kissing his fiance's cheek as they sit on the stairs
engaged couples hands wrapped around each other
silhouette of a couple during sunset

sunset portrait of a couple kissing by the water

We are still in awe of the ‘much more than a coincidence’ way we met with Martine and Maurice and after finally getting to meet them both in person as well as see the connection they share, we are blessed and excited to be a part of their big day in October!

Jenny and Joe

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