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Big Bald Mountain Engagement: Kristy + Jordan

Updated: Mar 19

woman resting her head on her fiance's shoulder in an open field

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to venture out to some new areas for engagements and weddings! New towns and neighboring cities have been the usual destinations but in the case of Kristy and Jordan’s mountain engagement session it was right here in our own back yard! You would think with as many couples as we are blessed to work with we would’ve seen all the great spots by now, but the Blue Ridge Mountains have a way of surprising and we’re totally cool with that! Now before I talk about the majesty of our landscape here in WNC (which I could do all day!) let’s introduce you to Kristy and Jordan!

If cute couples and sweet moments are your thing, then be warned, you’re about to get your daily dose! They greeted us with hugs the moment we met them at their church where they would eventually be getting married later this year! The plan was to tour everything to get an idea for their big day and then head to Big Bald for their engagement. After checking out just about every nook and cranny their church had to offer, we mutually agreed we should do some of their session there. It’s funny, because we’ve driven by this church so many times on the way to Wolf Laurel and Memory Mountain, but of course we’ve never stopped by. The lush greenery, and character of the architecture was too good to pass up once we got to see everything up close! Not to mention, there was a cute covered bridge with a stream running right along the property. It’s like this place was sitting here dormant, yearning for someone to take their photos here! Once we got started it was obvious we were going to be in for a fun evening with these two! Kristy’s playful personality was infectious and while she was making herself and Jordan laugh, we had to make sure we didn’t put the camera down for a second to capture all the little in between moments, which is easier said than done when you just want to laugh too. A few minutes in, we had an idea which instantly triggered their brains and Kristy showed us one of their fun inside jokes. How many of you have heard of a Koala? You know the cute little bear that always seems to be hanging on something? Well they took our piggy back and upped us a Koala! Apparently Kristy has been known to ‘Koala’ Jordan at random times (frickin love these two lol).

couple standing on stairs and smiling
engaged couple laughing at each other
man kissing his fiance on the forehead
woman smiling as her fiance wraps her up from behind
woman hanging on her fiance's shoulder
couple laughing as a man gives his fiance a piggy back ride
couple sitting on a bench together
man holding his fiance from behind on a red covered bridge
man kissing his fiance's cheek
woman laughing as her fiance tickles her
bride and groom crossing a stream together
man kissing his fiance's cheek in a creek

After getting our feet wet at the church, it was off to Big Bald! The name is not misleading. It’s a bald in this area of the mountains and it has a wide open Max Patch sort of feel to it but with a few more twists and turns to get to the top! There are a couple of different ways to access it but since we didn’t have time for the 6 hour hike from Tennessee, so we took the easy route :) As the setting got a bit more romantic, so did these two! Prior to this, rain and fog had been threatening the entire time we were shooting, but as we made our way to the top, everything cleared and we were greeted by a beautifully cool colored sunset!

couple kissing while holding a ps i love you sign
couple smiling at each other and holding a ps i love you sign
engaged couple holding hands and walking up a mountain
woman smiling as her fiance holds her hand
couple standing in an open field and looking opposite direction
engaged couple standing in an open field together
couple laughing in an open field together
man sweeping his wife off of her feet
couple looking at each other while a man sweeps his fiance off of her feet
couple laying down together
couple laying on a blanket together
man twirling his fiance in an open field
dramatic lighting portrait of a couple in holding each other in the mountains

Looking back on their engagement session, it had that awesome feeling we always strive for where it feels like we were hanging out with a couple that we have known for years! That connection is one of the things that keeps us going with our insane schedule! Each couple has a different story to be told, and getting to go on that journey with them is the ultimate for us as photographers! We’re so glad there’s still more to this journey with Kristy and Jordan and we can’t wait for their wedding day in late September!

Thanks as always for following along!

Jenny and Joe

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