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Black Balsam Engagement Session: C + E

Updated: Mar 16

engaged couple holding hands and smiling at each other during sunset

Last Monday we had the opportunity to meet Carly and Erica for the first time as we connected to capture their engagement at Black Balsam Knob. In the weeks prior we had been trying our best to coordinate schedules and finally on this weekday evening, the stars aligned! From talking to Carly via email in the days leading up to her and Erica’s engagement session, you could tell she was excited! In fact as we got to know these lovely ladies and we explored, their chemistry was never more apparent! (can you say heart eyes emoji???) It turns out they proposed to one another at Black Balsam, and they would also be having their elopement here this October, so as much as we love this place, we’re sure it had even more deep rooted significance for Carly and Erica’s relationship.

Before we we went up top to catch the golden hour light and beautiful sunset, we ventured off into the woods to hang up their hammock. Yes, you read that right! Sharing much of their quality time camping, it only made sense for them to incorporate this into their engagement session and for us it’s always refreshing to see couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves on camera. Not to mention it made us want to get a hammock too, seriously how comfy do they look?

After hanging out for a few (figuratively and literally) we made our way towards the top. The sky was radiant on this beautiful evening and the warm glow complimented these ladies perfectly as they finished up their photos. We always enjoy getting to visit Black Balsam but getting to spend an evening there with Carly and Erica made it that much sweeter. These ladies share a beautiful connection with this location and more importantly with each other and we’re so glad we got to experience both!

engaged couple holding hands and laughing
two woman holding each other and laughing
woman wrapping up her fiance from behind and hugging her
woman laughing after something her fiance said to her
two women sitting with their arms around each other
woman kissing her fiance on the cheek
engaged couple caressing each other closely
couple sitting together and cuddling close
engaged couple laying in a hammock together
engaged couple holding hands and walking across a field
couple enjoying sunset together at black balsam knob
woman smiling as her fiance wraps her up from behind
engaged couple laughing together during golden hour
couple kissing each other during sunset at black balsam
woman giving her fiance a piggy back ride in the mountains

Joe & Jenny

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