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Country Club of Asheville Wedding: Ashleigh + Byron

Updated: Mar 13

country club of asheville wedding ceremony

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so what happens when a hurricane hits on your big day? Well, if you’re Ashleigh and Byron, you embrace the massive amount of luck and roll with it! Truth be told everyone hopes that on the day their wedding finally arrives everything goes perfectly. When you start envisioning what it’s going to look like, the smiles, the love, the florals, the cake, dancing the night away, rain usually isn’t on the list no matter how much good luck we’re talking. When Ashleigh and Byron’s special day finally arrived no one could have predicted that it would be on the same weekend that the Hurricane Florence would hit NC. Although we ask photographers love a light rain for the touch of romance we believe it can add to your photos, having a hurricane/tropical storm moving in can be stressful. When we pulled in, there was a sense of hope as it cleared up temporarily which was a stark contrast to the rain we had just driven through on the way to The Country Club of Asheville. As we walked in, Byron greeted us with a big hug, much like the day we met to discuss the vision for he and Ashleigh’s wedding day! If Byron was at all stressed it definitely didn’t show as he hung out with his groomsmen and family throughout the beginning of the day!

country club of asheville welcome sign
mountain view outside of the reception space
groom's party hanging out before the wedding
ceremony set up at the country club of Asheville
mountain view on the back side of the country club of Asheville
country club of Asheville back side
groom's party hanging out in the groom's lounge
little boy playing pool
groom and his friend laughing
groom getting ready as his friend makes a call
groomsman helping another groomsman get ready
groom adjusting his shoes
groom reading his vows while his buddy helps him get ready
groomsman helping the groom with his pocket square
best man putting on the groom's boutonniere
bride's dress hanging on a rock wall
bride getting her eye make up done
bride's bouquet shoes and jewelry
bride receiving a touch up to her lipstick
bride and groom's rings
bridesmaids getting ready in a large bathroom
bride's mother buttoning up her dress
floral rich ceremony arch
cards and gifts sign for the gift table
card box
seating chart
sweetheart table
harry potter themed wedding cake
wedding welcome table
white wedding cake with greenery
wedding reception table
succulent wedding favors
large floral displays on reception table
wedding reception space at the country club of asheville
wedding ceremony location at the country club of asheville
groom's party doing a goofy photo
groom and groomsmen laughing
groom in the foreground groomsmen in the background
groomsmen picking up the groom
traditional portrait of the groom smiling
candid moment of the groom laughing
groom smiling underneath an umbrella
bride approaching groom from behind for the first look
bride tapping the groom on the shoulder
groom turning around to the see the bride for the first look
bride and groom hugging underneath umbrellas
groom crying as the bride adjusts her dress
bride going to hug groom as he cries
bride and groom hugging during the first look
bride and groom laughing together under an umbrella
bride and groom smiling at each other in front of their ceremony arch
groom laughing at something the bride said
groom smiling at the bride as he leads her across the grass

Where the emotion of the day really started to kick in was the first look! After having a few laughs with his groomsmen and sneaking in a few groom’s portraits, it was that time! A lot of previous planning had gone into the location and timing of their first look, but with the weather being so unpredictable with the off and on showers, we decided it would be best to utilize the backside of the country club. In truth we’re now certain we could’ve had these two do their first look just about anywhere and we would have captured something beautiful. Byron was all smiles once he saw Ashleigh. Those smiles were soon accompanied by tears of happiness and an obvious sense of true love to anyone around them. You see, these two met in middle school! Many of the things you experience as you grow, they’ve experienced together. Many of the triumphs, struggles, celebrations, all together. To add even more significance to this special day, their wedding date was also their anniversary. The culmination of all of these experiences, every minute of their love story and all of the emotion came to the surface at this very moment. We didn’t know it at the time but our teammate and assistant Sarah told us afterwards that she was a mess because she couldn’t stop crying either. With all the rain, we probably didn’t notice!

The off and on rain continued throughout the day but nothing terrible! At one point I remember Jenny running them an umbrella during the middle of the ceremony, but eventually it did subside and they sealed their marriage with a kiss! Their wedding reception started off with an excellent rendition of the kiki challenge and definitely helped to set the tone for a fun evening filled with laughs and friends & family cutting a rug all the way until the the sparkler exit!

wedding ceremony shot from behind
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom walking back down the aisle
traditional portrait of the bride and groom and their dog
bride and groom holding their dog
bride laughing at something the groom said
bride and groom kissing during a golden sunset
bride and groom entering the reception
first dance shot from above
bride laughing during the first dance
bride and groom raising their arms in the air
bride dancing with her dad
bride's dad hugging her on the dance floor
groom dancing with his mother
groom hugging his mother
best man speech
maid of honor speech
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom having fun on the dance floor
bride and groom dancing under a chandelier
groom getting low on the dance floor
wedding guests dancing
groom laughing as he retrieves the garter
single women attempting to catch the bouquet
women laughing as they go to catch the bouquet
woman celebrating after she caught the bouquet
bride hugging the bridesmaid who caught the bouquet
bride and groom sharing their last dance
bride and groom hugging during their last dance
bride and groom dip kissing during the sparkler exit
bride and groom hugging during their sparkler exit

After a wedding day like this, it really makes us sit back and appreciate what we do as wedding photographers. We enjoy getting to look back over the day, and see the captured moments between the newly married couple and their loved ones. But, what really means the most is the joy that comes with connecting with someone along the way. With Ashleigh and Byron, we truly felt we connected with them from day 1 and we were blessed to make two new friends throughout this process! Big congrats to Ashleigh and Byron on this next step on your already awesome journey and a special thank you to all of the amazing wedding vendors who helped to make this day perfect!

Catering The Country Club of Asheville

Hair & Make up: Della Terra Beauty

Ceremony Music: Melody Cooper

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