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Claxton Farm Wedding: L + M

Updated: Mar 6

bride and groom holding hands and walking in front of Claxton Farm

If I could describe Lauren and Matt’s wedding day at Claxton Farm in 3 words it would be: Fun, beautiful, and family! From beginning to end, their wedding was a non-stop joy ride! Spirits were high as the day previously called for an 80% chance of rain all day and as the day progressed it was obvious that they weren’t going to get a drop! The low lying clouds rolled in and instead of making everything a foggy mess, they sat atop the local landscape and surrounded their venue with a romantic ambience that one only dreams of for their big day! Their family and friends were by far one of the most fun groups we’ve had the pleasures of working with on a wedding day! Even the groomsmen were stoked about the photos if that’s any indication of the good vibes present on this day! The afternoon was filled with moments of joy and the evening was filled with a dance floor that never saw a slow down!

By far one of our favorite moments of Lauren and Matt’s wedding was their first dance! The unique set up at Claxton allows the bride and groom to dance outside underneath the romance of the drop lights, while the open barn doors allow the guests to watch it all from the comfort of inside the reception space! It allows the beautiful venue to serve as part of the backdrop for the their dance which is completely unlike most first dances.

Beyond all of this, Matt and Lauren are 2 of those people you can’t help but love! I’m pretty sure I could’ve talked sports with Matt and his groomsmen the entire weekend and Lauren being a veterinarian pretty much makes her the coolest person ever in Jenny’s eyes ;) I seriously think we ran into them twice after the wedding within a couple of days and each time it was like seeing old friends we haven’t seen in months! It was one of those connections we’re so glad we made, one of those stories we were blessed to be a part of, and one that we certainly hope you enjoy following along on!

bride's shoes and and ring box
rings in a ring box
blue ridge mountain invitations
bridal details
bride's dress hanging on a gazebo
bride's ring sitting on the ring box
bride helping her friend with her hair
bride having a moment with her golden retriever
bridesmaid laughing
mother of the bride reading a card
mother of the bride holding a gift
bridesmaid putting on the bride's dress
wedding party portrait of the bride and bridesmaids laughing
bride showing off her dress
wedding guests taking phone pictures
groom's party all laughing together
groom tightening his tie
groomsmen hanging out
traditional groom's party portrait
groom laughing at something a groomsman said
groomsmen jumping on the groom
layered groom's party portrait
groom walking out of the venue with his mom and dad
groomsmen walking towards venue
wedding welcome sign
bride's mother hugging a friend
wedding guests talking
wedding guests hugging
bridal party walking towards the ceremony
wedding guests laughing as they sit and wait for the ceremony to start
groom walking down the aisle
groom smiling at the altar
groom reacting to seeing the bride for the first time
bride and her father walking down the aisle
bride smiling as she walks down the aisle with her dad
groom smiling at the bride
bride and groom holding hands during the ceremony
wedding ceremony at claxton farm
bride smiling at the groom during the wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony shot from the opposite side
a goat standing up on a fence
mountain wedding ceremony at claxton farm
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom smiling during their wedding recessional
alpaca kissing bride on the cheek
traditional portrait of the bride and groom with their dog
full wedding party portrait
bridal party smiling in front of a mountain
groomsmen picking up the groom
groomsmen dropping the groom
groom falling to the ground
bride and groom kissing in front of the barn at claxton farm
bride and groom holding hands and walking
bride and groom walking towards the mountains together
bride and groom smiling at each other in front of foggy mountains
bride and groom standing by a fence and smiling at each other
wedding guests playing corn hole
claxton farm branded corn hole boards
bride and groom walking into their reception
bride and groom sharing their first dance in front of the barn
bride smiling at the groom during the first dance
bride and groom raising their arms after the first dance
night time shot of claxton farm's barn
bride's father giving a speech
bride and groom laughing during toasts
wedding guest laughing at a table
bride laughing during maid of honor speech
bridesmaid smiling at the bride
groom breaking it down on the dance floor
bride and groom dancing during their reception at claxton farm
wedding guest raising his arm on the dance floor
groom's party smoking cigars at night
wedding guest taking a group photo
bridesmaid doing a funny dance move
light blur dance floor shot
portrait of bride with her two friends
wedding guests laughing on the dance floor
groom chugging a beer on the dance floor
bride giving the groom a look on the dance floor
bride and groom and their friends singing on the dance floor
wedding guests raising drinks
bride and groom slow dancing
bride and groom kissing during their sparkler exit

A special thanks to all of the amazing wedding pros who helped make this day epic!

Coordinating/Planning: Asheville Wedding & Event Planning

Officiant: Julia Furr

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