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Byron's South End Wedding: L + J

As wedding photographers, we are blessed with the unique opportunity to connect with a lot of amazing people. Yeah, yeah, I know some people think we collect a check, show up and hit a button, and I’m sure there’s plenty of professionals that give off that vibe, but man, when you do it right it’s so much more than that. One of the sweetest and most genuine couples we’ve had the pleasures of connecting with over the past year has without a doubt been Josh and Lauren. I vividly remember being in Savannah, GA for an engagement session mid last year and getting their inquiry. Within an hour we were on the phone with Lauren and Josh getting to know them and the vision for their wedding day. It didn’t take long and we fell in love with these two as a couple. They were easy going, funny, and as we were soon to find out, the type of individuals that their friends and family gravitate too. After getting to share their entire wedding day with both of them, it was easy to see that special connection they have with all of their loved ones. Even more so than that was the deep connection they share with each other. All love is special, but we can honestly say when you’re around these two you feel it! The happy tears flow, they both light up like the 4th of July when they are around each other, and their body language just falls right into place. They are one of those couples where you feel like you’re in the presence of true love.

With every wedding and every couple, we always remember a favorite moment from the day. Since we’re both suckers for sweet moments and romance, often times it’s a first look or couples photos, but I think anyone in attendance would agree there was a special moment of excitement that really took their special day to the next level. They are both college sports fans and Lauren loves UNC! Knowing this, Josh arranged for a special surprise during their reception and one that Lauren totally didn’t see coming. Josh was going to have Ramses, the UNC Mascot pop out during the middle of the reception. If that wasn’t enough, he set it up perfectly making sure to hand out white towels to everyone as they were going to play the North Carolina Raise up song! A few seconds into the song, Ramses appeared on the dance floor and when Lauren turned around and saw him, her face said it all! It’s hard to put those kind of feelings into words but ridiculously excited would be a good start.

Thanks as always for following along and a special thanks to all of the amazing wedding vendors who helped to make this day awesome!

Coordination: Byron’s South End, Crystal

DJ: Shane Price

Officiant: Justin Fogle

Photo booth: JCM Photography

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