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Double Wedding at Lake Eden Events & Lodging

Updated: Mar 4

two brides and grooms holding hands and walking

So way back in May of this year (seriously time is flying you have no idea) we had the opportunity to be a part of one of the most unique and fun weddings we could have ever imagined. It was a double wedding and yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds! Carol and her sister Elise thought it would be fun to tie the knot together and that’s just what they did! After getting to meet these ladies we can see why. They were both so different in their own ways but at the same time you could tell these two were best friends! Elise’s fiancé Benedikt and Carol’s fiancé Cameron met through their mutual love of these ladies and though they each had their own bridal parties, there was a definite sense of oneness with everybody fully embracing in this special day! Their venue, Lake Eden Events, was the perfect setting to match the spirit of their celebration which was laid back and light hearted! I soon discovered Benedikt was an avid mountain bike racer like myself and we basically became best friends but I digress (lol).

For us one of the most exciting aspects of their special day was the approach! For sure some things about every wedding day are going to be consistent but having 4 separate bridal parties, 3 families, 2 brides and 2 grooms posed an interesting challenge of sorts because it was something we had never been a part of before. Sure we did some of the traditional shots of the Cameron with his groomsmen and Carol with her bridesmaids, but having the added element of being able to mix bridal parties, having two brides and grooms to pair up in unique ways for couples portraits made it just plain rad for wedding photography nerds like us! It was like all the fun we usually get to have x2! If all the laughs are any indication, this one rocked! We hope you enjoy following along as well!

candid moment of the bride laughing
groom's suit details
bridesmaid helping bride with her dress
groom sitting and writing his vows
traditional portrait of the groom smiling
one bride laughing while the other puts on deodorant
bride helping groom with his boutonniere
goofy groom's party portrait
groom's party all standing and laughing
traditional groom's party portrait
groomsmen picking up the groom
groom giving a thumbs up while he eats a snack
groom and groomsmen all smiling
unique groom's party portrait with multiple arms
groom and groomsmen with their arms all wrapped around each other
groom's party all jumping
traditional groom portrait of the groom smiling
groom smiling with his hand on his jacket
groom's party taking a selfie
bridal party portrait of the bride and bridesmaids smiling
bridesmaids looking at the bride
bridesmaids all laughing at the bride
traditional portrait of two brides smiling
bridesmaid pretending to propose to the bride
bride and bridesmaid hiding their faces with their bouquets
the bride laughing
candid moment of the bride looking off and smiling
full wedding party portrait of them all hugging
bride and groom kissing at the mouth of a bridge
third party funny photo of brides and groom
bride and groom smiling at each other in between bridal party
bride laughing as the groom hugs her from behind
bridesmaid hugging the bride and groom on a bridge
bride and groom walking off of a bridge together
groom kissing bride on the temple as she smiles
wedding ceremony backdrop at lake eden events
wedding ceremony set up at lake eden events
guitarist playing for the ceremony
reception space at lake eden events
wedding seating chart
wedding guests hanging out and laughing
wedding guests talking
wedding guests waiting for the ceremony to start
man in a hat talking to other wedding guests
wedding guests talking towards the ceremony
both brides walking to the ceremony
officiant talking during ceremony
bride and groom holding hands and smiling during the ceremony
bride and groom laughing during the ceremony
mountain wedding ceremony at lake eden events
bride smiling during the recessional
both brides and both grooms walking with their arms around each other
bride hugging her mom
wedding guests lining up for a quick photo with the groom
bride laughing with her friends
groom laughing with his friends
both grooms competing in a log cutting event
groom raises his arms in celebration
bride raises her arms and cheers
wedding guest laughing at his table
groom's father giving a speech
groom and bride laughing at their table during speech
best man giving a speech
maid of honor giving a toast
groom raising a glass
matron of honor giving a speech
both couples sharing a first dance
groom smiling at the bride
bride and groom twirling on the dance floor
bride and groom dancing with their friends
groom laughing with his mom and dad
groomsmen showing off their dance moves
wedding guests dancing during the reception
woman laughing on the dance floor
bride dancing with her friends and laughing
man in a cowboy hat dancing
traditional portrait of both brides and grooms smiling in front of the mountains
two married couples holding hands and walking
bride smiling while she wraps around the groom's arm
bridesmaid picking up the groom
both brides smiling at each other
groom swinging bride around
dramatic lighting portrait in front of a large tree
brides and grooms taking a photo with their friends
double bridal portrait under some trees

With all of the moving parts we brought along our Balsam Mountain Photography teammate Sarah! Having a 3rd shooter helped to ensure coverage went smooth throughout the day and we had someone to assist when needed which helped out tremendously! Special thanks to our teammate Sarah for helping make this day epic as well as the rest of the amazing vendors who helped to this day epic!

Planning/Coordinating: Verge Events/Lake Eden Events

Florals: Bloom

Catering: Biltmore 67

Hair Artist: Atlas Beauty

Ceremony Music: Steven Newbrough

Reception Music: Black Mountain Beats

Officiant: Howard Hanger

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