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Hawksbill Engagement Session: C +S

Updated: Mar 2

engaged couple holding hands in the mountains

This fall has been a season of abundance, beauty, and adventure! We’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many new couples, travel to so many new places, and frankly we’ve been spoiled by all of the fun! One of those awesome couples was Carolynn and Seth! They wanted us to shoot their wedding in 2020 (um yeeeah!) but they were also hoping to get their engagement session done sometime in the fall…..on crap! Thankfully their schedules were flexible and the one day we had available in October worked out perfectly! As we got to know Carolynn over the phone, we could tell an adventure engagement would be a bit more suited to their vision! After discussing all of the options we decided on our favorite locations near Asheville, Hawksbill Mountain Trail! Every time we get the opportunity to visit Hawksbill is special. You never know what you’re going to get which is part of the adventure. You could be greeted by low temperatures, gusting wind, thunderstorms out of nowhere, rolling fog, you name it. Conversely, you may be greeted by one of the most beautiful scenes in all of WNC! Given the back roads to get there, and the strenuous hike to the top, it’s not a place we talk many people into going often, but Carolynn and Seth were totally ‘that’ couple :)

The fall colors were just starting to pop on the day of their engagement session and having that mindset to be prepared for anything weather-wise left us pleasantly surprised. It was easily the the best weather we’ve ever had up at Hawksbill! It was unseasonably warm, the clouds provided just enough cover for ideal lighting, and we were greeted by one of the most vibrant sunsets we’ve ever seen! As if it couldn’t get any better, Carolynn and Seth were dynamite! These two had so much fun and natural chemistry we barely had to tell them what to do. It felt like a lot of “Okay guys now we’re going to….oh yea just keep doing that!” (lol). One of the things we always encourage for your engagement photos is to always be yourself and be true to you and that easily ended up being one of the most fun and unique parts of their session. Seth being a competitive strong man brought one of his winning trophies which just happened to be a sword! It gave part of their engagement a bit of a Game of Thrones vibe! It was easily one of the most beautiful engagements from this fall and we hope you enjoy following along!

woman hugging her fiance and laughing in the fall color
woman smiling as her fiance kisses her on the temple
a couple lightly laughing as they hug each other close
woman grubbing her fiance's butt while looking at the mountain view
a couple smiling at each other while interlocking fingers
man laughing while interlocking fingers with her fiance
a woman laughing as her fiance hugs her from behind
man's arms wrapped around his fiance
man kissing his fiance's temple while hugging her from behind
engaged couple standing on the edge of a cliff in front of a blue sky
dramatic lighting shot of a man kissing his fiance on the temple
man caressing his fiance in gently in the mountains
man holding his fiance as they look off into the distance
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
engaged couple laughing while the man holds a sword
a man smiles big as he waves a sword
couple kissing during sunset in the mountains
a woman laughing while holding hands with her fiance
a couple holding hands and walking in the mountains
engaged couple kissing during a purple sunset

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