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Asheville Front Porch Engagement: E + M

Updated: Feb 21

couple sitting on their porch together as their dog jumps

(Can you believe this was the first shot of the entire session!?)

One of the things we are grateful for over these past couple of months has been the rise in popularity of the at home session! In truth, engagement sessions at home have been pretty popular for the last few years, but they’ve primarily been indoor. With the emergence of ‘Front Porch Sessions’ due to government shut downs, many couples found a cool alternative way to show case their love! After shooting a few of them, I’ll be 100% honest, we’re hoping at home, front porch, lifestyle session (whatever you want to call them) are here for the long haul. Trends tend to fade in and out quickly in today’s world but this one felt like it may carry a little more weight than most. We always do our best to make sure our couples are comfortable on camera but the added comfort level of being at home and keeping it casual really made for a fun sessions! Nowhere was it more apparent than Matt and Emily’s front porch session in Asheville! The laid back vibes and good times rolled strong for this one! Throw in one acrobatic pup named Baxter and dare I say this was the best front porch session ever? Emily and Matt originally just wanted a small session as they thought it would be a fun/cute idea for a “re-save the date”. For us, it ended up being so much more than that! Visual storytelling is at the core of what we do and for some couples, that story can be told best at home! Have fun following along everyone!

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