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Chimney Rock Proposal : A + M

Updated: Feb 12

a man proposing to his girlfriend in chimney rock state park

One of the coolest parts about living in Asheville is the fact that it’s basically a playground for wedding photographers! There are a plethora of amazing venues and scenic locations for weddings and portrait sessions. One of our favorite locations we’ve discovered in the past few years is Chimney Rock State Park. If you’ve ever driven through Lake Lure then no doubt you’ve probably noticed that massive standalone rock sitting among the clouds with the American Flag waving. That amazing spot is ‘the’ Chimney Rock! We discovered it a few years back just exploring some of our new terrain when we moved to Asheville. As a photographer you can never have too many spots! We’ve since been a handful of times for business and for pleasure and each and every time it’s just as fun as the first!

For our most recent visit, it was for Andrew’s surprise proposal to Melissa! When he inquired about engagement photos and told us he was thinking Chimney Rock, we were so on board (lol)! Andrew totally trusted with the plan and the vision for his proposal and we were pumped! We had a cool idea from the get go! We thought it would be fun to capture the big moment up close as well as one of us shooting from ‘The Opera Box’ as it’s called. It sits across from the Chimney Rock and provides an excellent perspective that shows just how high you are above the rest of the area! As you can tell from the flag, it was one of the windiest days ever (seriously). Thankfully Andrew and Melissa were unfazed and shortly after making it to the top, they were both soon on cloud 9! Big congrats to Andrew and Melissa on their engagement and as always, we hope you enjoy following along!

man proposing to his girlfriend on top of  Chimney Rock
a woman reacting to her boyfriend's proposal
a woman kissing her boyfriend moments after he proposes
engaged couple kissing on top of chimney rock
a woman laughing moments after her boyfriend proposed
woman looking at her new engagement ring
couple holding each other close on top of Chimney Rock
engaged couple laughing together
engaged couple laughing at each other
candid moment of a couple laughing
dramatic lighting portrait of a couple kissing
man kissing his girlfriend on the cheek
traditional portrait of a couple smiling
woman laughing as her fiance whispers in her ear
close up of woman's engagement ring as she caresses her fiance's face
couple laughing as they touch foreheads together
woman laughing as her fiance hugs her from behind
engagement ring
silhouette of a couple in front of a blue sky

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