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Grand Tetons Engagement Session : G + D

When we visited the Jackson Hole, Wyoming in July for our vow renewal, and to shoot our friends Jesse and Megan’s vow renewal. We we were instantly hooked on this place! Wyoming in general is quite unlike anyplace we’ve ever visited before, and this area is off the charts! For us the main attraction is the beautiful Teton mountain range, aka The Grand Tetons. We talked about it when we got home and we knew it was only a matter of time before we would be making the trip out there to visit again. Little did we know it would happen a little sooner than later. Enter Greg and Deena!

We first connected with Greg over facebook as he was planning his wedding. He and Deena didn’t quite have everything nailed down, but one thing Greg told us he was certain of, was that they would be using us for their wedding (lol). As we’ve probably said hundreds of times before we’re are still completely humbled and grateful just to get to do what we love for a living. Sometimes we still have to pinch ourselves. So when people say stuff like that and they don’t even have a venue yet, we’re always blown away! After Greg and Deena locked down a venue we were able to connect over the phone, and of course one of the details we discussed was scheduling their engagement session. We picked a more local location at first and everything was all set. Shortly after sharing a few shots from Jesse and Megan’s vow renewal in the Grand Tetons, Greg asked if we would be willing to head back out to Jackson Hole to shoot their engagement. It turns out they had an epic trip planned like we did and they were going to be in the area checking out Yellowstone already. Of course we were pumped at the idea of being able to go back out west like 1 month later but inside we were like “no way!” (lol). After working out all the dates and details, we were soon on our way back out to Wyoming!

To be honest one of our favorite parts of the trip besides exploring and planning, was just getting to hang with Greg and Deena! We hit up Liberty Burger for some amazing comfort food and I think the only thing we partook in more than calories was laughs. It was an awesome night and much needed getaway. Of course we had spent most of the day prior planning out all the potential spots we could hit for their engagement and all the logistics and true to their laid back style, they said, “We trust you guys, just do your thing.” Which is basically the ultimate for photographers (thanks guys!). Looking back on their engagement session in the Grand Tetons, we were almost overwhelmed with all of the beautiful captures from their session. The setting is breathtaking in every sense of the way, and these two totally put their love on display for the world! Contrary to our usual approach for a blog, we decided to just post our favorite images from their engagement but not in any particular order. The beauty and diversity of the surroundings almost begs to be shared in complete randomness. I.e. we want to overwhelm you with awesomeness too! Enjoy ya’ll!

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