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Hidden River Events Wedding : B + E

Updated: Jan 31

a woman holding her wife in a field of flowers

As our busiest time of the year winds down, we can’t help but reflect on how amazing the last two years have been. These have been our two busiest years in business and we are beyond grateful for the couples who continue to choose us to be their photographers and preserve their memories for generations to come! One couple that we can’t help but smile when we think about is Erica and Bri! These ladies truly hold a special place in our hearts and we are stoked to have been a small part of their journey here in Asheville. They met on the beach at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL in 2014. They like to say their first date was at the festival, sitting in the sand, listening to The Avett Brothers under the stars (how romantic)! After 2 years, these lovelies finally wound up in the same city when Bri decided to make the move from Chicago to Atlanta in 2016. They said "I love you" for the first time on Bri’s rooftop, under the fireworks, on the 4th of July. Since then, these two have never looked back. From hiking in North Georgia, career promotions, sipping wine in vineyards, vacations galore, to buying a home, they have established a firm foundation build their marriage upon as continue to pursue building the life they’ve always dreamed of together!

Just minutes into their engagement session at Black Balsam Knob, we knew we were going to have a blast with Erica and Bri! Their obvious chemistry and playful nature made for the perfect evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Their wedding was held at the tranquil Hidden River Events just outside of Asheville! Of course, no love story would be complete without a little drama. In the days leading up to their big day, the weather was looking like it could be all over the place and what was a relatively overcast morning quickly turned to a torrential downpour as the afternoon arrived. All good, these ladies didn’t stress (too much) and I give all the credit in the world to their amazing friends & family whom they surrounded themselves with on their wedding day. Short of looking out the window or stepping outside, you would’ve never known it was raining cats an dogs leading up to their ceremony. The champagne flowed, their friends and family kept the vibes fun and the staff worked non-stop to adjust the ceremony plan. What was looking like it could’ve been wash out, ended up being the absolute perfect day! In fact the overcast skies made for beautiful soft light for all of their photos! With the good vibes still flowing heavy, these ladies danced the night away with their loved ones and it was definitely the proverbial exclamation point to cap off an already amazing day!

We hope you enjoy following along!


the bride's mother helping her with her dress

bride and bridesmaid hugging

the bride smiling as she cheers with champagne

bride and bridesmaids throwing confetti

bride and bridesmaids holding balloons that spell out bride

venue welcome sign for hidden river events

venue property with mountain in the distance

bouquets set up on the porch in front of the mountains

bridal party having fun in their baseball jerseys

bridal party nicknames on their baseball jerseys

bridesmaid helping bride with dress

bridal party playing games as they wait for the ceremony

bride's mother helping her with dress in the window light

matron of honor helping her sons get dressed

reflective shot of bride getting dressed

bride and her friends taking a selfie on the couch

friends of the bride laughing while they play games before the ceremony

ceremony welcome sign

custom mountain wedding sign for guests to sign

memory table

tall floral table set ups in the wedding reception

white wedding cake

bride holding back tears as her dad walks her down the aisle

bride's father walking her down the aisle

both brides hugging their fathers

both brides holding hands as they walk down the aisle

the bride's smiling as they hold hands during the wedding ceremony

bride's reading vows

one bride laughing while they other makes a face

close up of the bride holding her wrist

the bride laughing as she reads her vows

the other bride also laughing as she reads her vows

the brides sharing their first kiss

bride laughing as she hugs a friend after the wedding ceremony

traditional portrait of the brides smiling

bride's parents kissing both of her cheeks

the brides holding each other and laughing as their friends bum rush them

wedding party picking up the bride

bride playing with her veil

brides holding hands

close up bridal portrait

bridesmaids hanging out under umbrellas

full wedding party portrait

fun bridal party photo

fun wedding party portrait of the whole group

two brides sharing their first dance at hidden river events

bride whispering in her other bride's ear

the brides sharing an intimate moment

eskimo kisses for the brides

the bride smiling at the camera as her bride gets close to her cheek

two bride dip kissing at sunset

brides holding hands and walking

brides and their friend having fun during the wedding reception

wedding guest showing off his dance moves

wedding guests having fun on the dance floor

the brides having fun on the dance floor

the bride and her friend dancing

bride proposing to one of her wedding guests on the dance floor

both brides singing during the reception

the brides exiting among the sparklers

both brides cheering during their sparkler exit

Florals: HRE


Photo Booth: JCM Photography

HAMU: AnaRie


Officiant: Kyle Inskeep


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