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Parker Mill Wedding : L + J

two brides walking in the rain at the parker mill

Over the years shooting weddings for a living, one thing you constantly notice is how things change.  Trends, styles, and dance floor music selection are constantly evolving (except for those 10-12 songs that get played at every wedding…you know which ones I’m talking about).  What’s in one year is out the next.  What’s a surprise today is the standard tomorrow.  With that constant state of change, there is one thing that is always in and will never go out of style.  Moments.  Real moments, little moments, emotional moments, funny moments.  By far one of my favorite elements of doing what we do is that pure documentary style approach to capture those uninterrupted moments.  Don’t get us wrong, we love setting up the grand sunset or creative lighting fine art shots, but getting to witness authentic moments between our couples and their families is more than just a fun thing to do for a living.  It truly is a gift.

Which brings us to our love story between Laura and Julianna!  We absolutely adored these two.  From that first hug, to the first dance, Laura and Julianna were a perfect picture of love and their wedding day was filled with all of the moments.  Even more than that, you could tell how much of a light they were in other people’s lives.  Everyone seemed stoked to be there and I don’t think I witnessed a single interaction at the wedding where it didn’t look like two best friends having a great time.  This feeling carried over into everything on their special day and even though mother nature threw us all a little curveball, they would’t let her rain on their parade (pun intended?).  This was already one of our favorite weddings this year and we hope you all enjoy following along on this epic day!


parker mill wedding reception hall

dessert table

bride's converse wedding shoes

bride's rings and shoes

bride's dresses hanging up on a barn door

bride's gown hanging on a barn door

hair and make up artist spraying hair spray on the bride

bride opening a bottle of champagne

the bride holding up a craft that she made

both brides laughing together

close up of the bride's pants that say wifey

the brides standing with their arms around each other

bride walking down the stairs at the parker mill

the bride approaching the other bride from behind for their first look

the bride reacting to seeing the other bride

the bride opening her arms and smiling

both brides holding hands and smiling during their first look

the bride's laughing as they hold one another

the bride caressing the other bride in by the face

dramatic lighting portrait underneath chandeliers

purple light silhouette of the bride looking at each other

traditional bridal portrait of the bride smiling

vogue bridal portrait of the bride looking down at her shoulder

parker mill wedding ceremony pavilion on a rainy day

wedding guests arriving in the rain

the bride walking to the ceremony underneath an umbrella

the bride crying as the other bride walks down the aisle

both brides holding hands during the wedding ceremony

wedding guests laughing during the ceremony

the bride smiling at the other bride

the bride laughing while she holds the other bride's hands during the ceremony

wide angle shot of the ceremony from outside of the pavilion

parker mill wedding ceremony

first kiss

the bride's raising their hands up and smiling

both brides walking underneath an umbrella during the recessional

the brides walking with their arms around each other

close up of the brides smiling as they walk together in the rain

both brides walking underneath an umbrella in the rain

unique perspective of the brides kissing

candid moment of the brides laughing while sitting together

the brides and their friend all laughing

the brides showing off their photo booth wall

the brides happily entering the wedding reception

brides smiling at each other during the firs dance

one of the brides laughing during the first dance

the brides holding each other close and resting foreheads on each other

wedding guests dancing

woman giving a toast

the brides reacting to a toast

friends of the brides giving a speech

the bride laughing during one of the speeches

the brides and their friend singing

brides holding hands and walking in the fog

the brides standing on a mountain top in the fog

both brides kissing in the foggy atmosphere

the brides laughing as they walk together hand in hand

the back of the bride's dresses as they walk towards the fog

the bride's laughing as they hold onto one another

dramatic lighting portrait of the brides holding each other in front of the storm clouds

shutter drag dance floor shot of people dancing

wedding guests dancing with their arms in the air

both brides dancing with each other

group photo with the brides and all of their friends

the brides watching fireworks and holding each other

the brides watching fireworks at the end of their wedding

Catering, Bar, Desserts: Smash Events Inc.

Hair and Make up: Fab Flawless Makeup Artistry

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