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The Parker Mill Wedding : A + K

Updated: Feb 5

bride kissing groom as he picks her up in front of the mountains

This was one of those wedding days where everything was absolutely perfect! We were working with one of our favorite couples, at our favorite NC mountain venue, with a ton of our favorite vendors! If you're thinking you recognize these cuties, you probably saw Aaron and Katie on our blog last year for their engagement session. (If you didn't, you should totally click here!) Having already worked with them once, and having met their families on the day of their engagement session, we knew we were in for a real treat! At the time of their engagement, The Parker Mill was still putting all the final pieces together for their amazing mountain wedding venue, but by the time Katie and Aaron's wedding day rolled around, The Parker Mill was rocking and rolling!

That entire week leading up to their wedding day, it was looking like a good chance what every couple dreads for their special day. RAIN! Naturally we watched it all week too and as fate would have it, rain clouds loomed in the distance most of the day, but for the most part they never really impacted their day. This was awesome because it allowed them to still have the wedding they were envisioning with the mountains of western North Carolina as their backdrop. The cloud cover actually provided just the right amount of shade and it made for beautiful light throughout the entire day for their photos! Full disclosure we absolutely love these overcast days and the cherry on top is when the rain can hold off until the evening so we can sneak out for some beautiful night shots in the rain....which we definitely did!

Like every wedding day, we always have a favorite part of the day that sticks out in our mind when we look back over a couple's images and get to relive that day with them. For Katie and Aaron's wedding day it was the emotion. From the first touch, to the first look down the aisle, to laughing with loved ones on the dance floor, their day was filled with so many emotions. I think what made it extra special is that all of their friends and family were able to make it (or like 99.9% of them). Having just gone through the year that was 2020 we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of so many moments with our couples. Many of those moments and celebrations, their families and friends weren't always able to be present. Getting to witness these two say their "I dos" and have everyone around them to share in that love, made it that much more special. We hope you enjoy following along!


greenery inspired wedding reception at the parker mill
farm table decor at the parker mill
pink and green wedding details
wedding dessert table
pink wedding table details
assorted desserts
dessert table at the parker mill
white wedding cake
bride laughing
bride and bridesmaids laughing
bride and bridesmaids laughing
bride putting her earrings on
bride hugging her mother
bride's mother helping her with her dress
bride dancing
bride putting on her necklace
groom shaving
dynamic lighting shot of groom shaving
groom's suite hanging in the background
groomsmen hanging out in the parker mill's groom suite
groom adjusting cuff link
groom button vest
groom's gather helping him with his tie
groom button up his jacket
groom's portrait on the couch
dynamic lighting groom portrait in front of a pool table
groomsmen walking in front of the groom
bridal party portrait in front of the mountains
fun bridal party portrait
bride tapping father on the shoulder
bride hugging her dad
bride and groom sharing first touch
bride and groom doing their first touch
bride and groom praying
groomsmen hanging out on the groom's suite porch
groomsmen having fun
bridesmaids praying together
bride's mother putting her veil on
groom walking down the aisle
bride and her dad smiling at each other
bride and her father walking down the aisle
groom crying once he sees bride
bride walking down the aisle with her dad
bride hugging her dad at the wedding ceremony
bride and groom shot between barn doors at the ceremony
bride and groom holding hands during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands
wedding guests smiling
bride laughing during the ceremony
groom kissing bride's hand
bride and groom kissing
bride and groom during recessional
wedding party portrait in front of the mountains
traditional portrait of bride and groom smiling
bride and groom kissing at the ceremony site
bride and groom dip kissing in front of the mountains
group photo of everyone at the wedding
bride and groom entering reception
bride and groom sharing their first dance
bride smiling during her first dance
father daughter dance
mother son dance
groom hugging friend
wedding guest kissing bride on cheek
groom's grandpa hugging him
bride's father giving a toast
grooms'd dad giving a toast
wedding guests dancing
bride and groom smiling in front of the mountains
bride and groom smiling at each other in front of the mountains
bride laughing as she leans on the groom
bride and groom laughing together
groom kissing the bride on the cheek while standing on a dock
bride and groom holding hands and smiling
bride and groom hip bump
wedding guests getting low on the dance floor
bridesmaids dancing
bride dancing with her dad
bride dancing with her friends
bridesmaids pointing at the camera
bride and her friends dancing with her grandmother
bride tossing bouquet
groom retrieving garter
night time portrait of bride and groom kissing in the rain

Special thanks to all of the amazing vendors!

Planning/Coordinating: Avail Weddings

Videography: Heartistree Studios


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