Illumination Education Series

We developed our illumination education series as a way to blend our loves for photography and helping others.  As our business developed we noticed there was a huge demand for those looking to learn photography themselves.  Some professionally, and some just for fun! In any case we wanted to be able to provide a platform that provides the most helpful information in the simplest way!  After holding one class, we soon realized a theme in what people were wanting to learn!  The information we provide in our Illumination Education Series is foundational and specific to the most common questions people have when starting out in photography. We also provide a lot of our personal insights and experience over years of professionally shooting in an effort to provide you with the most helpful information and tips without overwhelming you!  


We've divided our series into 7 different lessons covering:

  • The Exposure Triangle

  • White Balance

  • Camera Modes Explained: How to get out of Auto

  • Flash

  • Composition and Posing

  •  Editing in Lightroom & Postprocessing Flow

  • So you want to be a Wedding Photographer?

During our progression in the field and our continued pursuit of learning different techniques, we've found these 7 subjects to be the most helpful in building a foundation of knowledge to help you progress in your photography endeavors.  Each lesson will consist of a presentation, insight of personal knowledge and experience, examples, Q&A, and if there is additional time hands on teaching as well!

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