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Let There Be Light Workshop

Engagement photo with White umbrella and Rainbow wall
Double Exposure of bride and Groom during Workshop

We developed our Let There Be Light Workshop as a way to blend our loves for photography and helping others.  As our business has developed, we've noticed the demand was a huge for those looking to learn flash photography, specifically, off camera flash.  We wanted to be able to provide a platform that provides the most helpful information in the simplest way!  The information we provide in our Let There Be Light Workshop is key in helping you take your photography business and abilities to the next level.  We also provide a lot of our personal insights and experience over years of professionally shooting in an effort to provide you with the most helpful information and tips without overwhelming you!  


Some of the subjects we cover in our Let There Be Light Workshop are:

  • Dealing with difficult lighting situations

  • Creating dynamic portraits 

  • High speed sync vs just stopping down

  • Using multi light set ups for creative shots

  • Correcting White balance with OCF

  • Creating different looks in one space

  • Different Modifiers 

  • Wedding Reception Lighting 

  • and more!

Bottom line, if your lighting is better, your photography will be better!  We've seen with our own business the power that comes with being able to modify, shape, and create lighting exactly how we want it!  It allows you more creative freedom, more flexibility, and most importantly, more confidence in any situation.  If you're looking step up your indoor and outdoor lighting, give us a shout!  

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