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Jennifer and Joe Mackey


Message from Jennifer

"What I love most about photography is getting to connect with so many different people and making them feel something with my art.  I truly put a piece of my heart and soul into every photo I create."

Message from Joe

"My favorite thing about photography is capturing raw emotion.  There are plenty of pretty pictures out there but to be able to freeze a moment in time that will take someone back to that special place is the ultimate for me.  I live for those shots!"

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   We are fine art storytellers who love documenting your memories through authentic captured moments!  We believe in enjoying the experience as much as enjoying your images afterwards and it is through this experience that we are able to put you at ease, build your trust, and document the genuine moments that matter most to you throughout a wedding day.  Whether you are eloping on a mountain top here in Asheville or having a grand wedding in the city, we believe it is an opportunity to be a part of something fun and unique!  Our photojournalistic approach to a wedding is more than just showing up with a camera and a generic shot list you found online.  It all starts with relationships and we begin forming these connections with you from the first contact all the way through post production.  This allows us to learn who you are as a couple and better bring to life the story of your wedding day!  If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, give us a shout, we would love to be a part of your journey!  

   Our journey started in 2015 when we decided we had enough of school and working the 9-5 hustle!  We left our hometown behind to chase our dream and do what we love here in Asheville!  After fully dedicating ourselves to this process and taking every opportunity that presented itself along the way, we saw our dreams start to become a reality as we met so many couples who decided they wanted us to capture their special day!  The amazing response and growth in that first year left us inspired and truly grateful.   It has given us the opportunity to continue growing and connecting with more awesome couples just like you!  

Though we spend most of our time doing something related to wedding photography, every now and then our schedules open up!  When this happens, we can usually be found mountain biking or hiking the local trails, spending time with our 3 fur babies, having the occasional veg out day, traveling to new places, and consuming a lot of coffee….we love coffee. 

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Our Team

Jesse Roberts

Message from Jesse

"My favorite thing about wedding photography is how you see so much true emotion in everyone present. It is the happiest day of the couple's life to that point and they, along with everyone around them is filled with joy and love. To be able to be a part of this, to capture it, to experience it along with them is amazing and incredibly fulfilling."

Jesse began his photography journey shooting landscapes and wildlife, wanting to capture and share his perception of the beauty in the world with others. What started as a hobby quickly became his passion. After having the opportunity to shoot a few weddings with friends who needed a second shooter he was immediately hooked and soon shooting on his own. He takes great joy from photographing weddings, considering it an honor to be able to document one of the happiest days of a couple's lives. Jesse is passionate about wedding photography because it enables him to capture people's personalities and emotions, to give them the gift of their younger selves later in life. He especially loves looking for the little candid moments throughout the day that truly make a wedding special. He believes that these memories, the joy, the laughter, the tears, are the ones that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

  Jesse grew up in North Carolina and then lived in Colorado for ten years, moving back to Asheville in 2015. He lives here with his wife and son, loving their life in the mountains! In their free time they can usually be found somewhere deep in the woods, hiking, camping, fishing, and taking pictures (of course!). 

Regina Myrick

Message from Regina:

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling.

If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going

to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

- Don McCullin -

Regina fell in love with photography as a young girl with a simple Kodak Polaroid Camera. The opportunity to freeze a moment in time that she could cherish forever filled her heart with purpose and passion. Now equipped with a Photography degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a Business degree from LeTourneau University, Regina continues to glean knowledge and experience from traveling around the globe. She takes pride in her creative eye, as well as lighting and technical skills. With personality and enthusiasm, Regina photographs people from all walks of life and gives them a memorable experience along with their perfectly captured moments. She has a photojournalistic style that allows the personalities of the subjects to shine through & tell their own story. 

Hannah Holland

Message from Hannah

"What I love most about photography is capturing those special moments in time. I love being able to go back, look through old photos, and relive the feeling from that day. I love that I can capture these moments for other people, and that they will be reliving those beautiful moments for many years to come. "

Hannah became interested in photography at a pretty young age, before she even started high school. Once she went to high school, she attended a special four year program designed for photography and journalism. Through this program she met her biggest life and photography mentor, Mr. Lorentzon. He inspired her to make photography my career choice. Through this program, she was given the opportunity to work for a company called Gumps Sports Photography, where she spent 4 years.


 One of her main reasons she loves photography is because she loves capturing the beauty that surrounds us. She loves capturing life's moments,  both big and small. A fun fact about her: Her cat, Simba, is her best friend and photography model. 

Bryan Bell

Message from Bryan

"I love photography because I am able to capture a moment in time through my unique perspective. The art allows me to turn a single moment into a timeless experience. "

Falling in love with cinematography as a teenager, Bryan purchased his first professional camera in 2010, and from there was hooked on the art of filmmaking and photography.


With a background as a musician, he began directing and producing music videos and taking promotional photos for bands and artists, discovering how powerful these tools are in sharing a unique message and point of view. 


Under the name Bryan Divisions, he has released a fully self-produced album and several music videos, which express his inspirational messages of individuality and living life through your heart. Bryan lives in Asheville and runs Heartistree Studios, a wedding videography company, with his partner Jenny.  

Jenny Roberts

Message from Jenny

“Photography is the opportunity to pause and relive life. In the right light and taken at just the right moment, our truest nature can be revealed in a single image.”

Jenny is a visual storyteller who believes that every moment matters. Whether taking still or moving images, Jenny brings a creative eye and an excitement for documenting life as it unfolds. 


With a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Monmouth University, Jenny has captured visuals for hundreds of businesses, couples, and organizations over the past decade. 


When Jenny photographs a wedding she looks for the unpredictable, fun, and emotional moments that happen on the day. Creating images you’ll love while keeping things light and easy is always the goal. 


Jenny and her partner Bryan reside in Asheville and own a videography company, Heartistree Studios. Jenny loves living out each day with gratitude and enjoys exploring nature, fitness, vegan cooking, filmmaking, spirituality, and experiencing joy in the little things.  

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Jennifer and Joe Mackey


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