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Giving Back

We love supporting the community that supports us!

Please contact us if your non-profit is interested in partnering with us. 

Below are some of the organizations we have had the privilege of working with:

The Sock's Charity .jpg
Joe Mackey working with the Socks Charity
Coffee Mugs and stickers for The Socks Charity

    As of 2021, JCM Photography is proud ambassador of The Socks Charity!  The Socks Charity is a 501(c)(3) that provides direct support to individuals and families in need, to help with the financial burden that can come when battling cancer.  Every couple that books a full day wedding through JCM Photography will be providing support to those in need!  We donate a portion of each full day wedding to help those in that fight.  We have all had a loved one or know someone that has had a loved one affected by cancer.  Too many of these charities take the majority of your donation and put it in their pockets donating small percentages of what you actually give.  The Socks Charity does not take any administrative fees and puts 100% of it’s profits and direct donations into helping others!  We are proud to stand behind their mission!  


To learn more about The Sock’s Charity and how it got started, click here! 


Click here to buy a pair of socks and say FU to Cancer! 


To donate directly click here! 

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