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The Cloth Mill Wedding: Morgan + Calvin

Updated: Mar 3

bride smiling as her groom holds her from behind as the sun shines

For this beautiful wedding day, our photography adventures took us to Hillsborough, NC! We were blessed with the opportunity to connect with Morgan and Calvin while Calvin (with the help of his super sweet mother in law Sherry) was planning his surprise proposal to Morgan at The Biltmore nearly two years ago! As if proposing at The Biltmore wasn’t romantic enough, Calvin totally went the extra mile to make sure everything was just right opting for a horse and carriage ride around bass pond before getting down on one knee to stain his khakis (you didn’t think we’d remember did you? lol). As you probably guessed, Morgan said yes! After spending a short time with them for a little impromptu engagement session, you couldn’t help but be excited for these two! They were as sweet as they come and the absolute cutest!

When they told us we would be shooting their wedding, we were stoked! We had a blast with them in such a short time so we just knew getting to spend an entire day with them would be so special. Their venue was The Cloth Mill at Eno River, just outside of Raleigh. Talk…about…awesome! We’ve grown to love the style of a modern industrial wedding venue and The Cloth Mill was filled with so much character inside and out! It was fresh, timeless, and classy, perfect for Morgan and Calvin!

They opted too forego a first look in place for having Calvin see her walk down the aisle for the first time. While we had both seen happy tears earlier in the day, this was definitely the most memorable! The excitement was written all over both of their faces and before you knew it, these two said I do!

cloth mill at eno river welcome sign
cloth mill at eno river ceremony space
ceremony space at the cloth mill at eno river
flowers on the ceremony arch
florals on the ceremony chairs
unplugged wedding ceremony sign
reception space at the cloth mill
farm table set up at the cloth mill
white wedding cake with the letter H on it
sweetheart sitting underneath a chandelier
memory table
wedding seating chart
mr and mrs cups
bride's custom hanger
bride's dress hanging on a brick wall
bride and groom's invitations laying near flowers
bride's rings sitting on a white rose
bride's jewelry shoes and flowers
candid moment of the bride laughing
bride showing the note from the groom
bride helping her friend with her earring
bride's tattoo that says strength
bride smiling as she puts on her own earrings
back of the bride's dress
bride about to touch her father's shoulder
bride hugging her father
bride reading a note from the groom
bride smiling at the camera
bridal portrait in the window light
boutonnieres sitting on a table
groom getting dressed
groomsman holding beer pong balls with groom's face on them
groom putting on his bowtie
groomsman helping another groomsman with his tie
groomsmen all laughing together
groom buttoning his jacket
groom's boutonniere being put on
groom sitting and reading his note from the bride
groom looking out the window
dramatic lighting groom's party portrait
traditional groomsmen portrait in front of warehouse window
perspective portrait of the groom and groomsmen
groom and groomsmen all laughing together
groomsmen picking up the groom as he laughs
groom portrait in front of a window
bride helping her mother put on her corsage
bride's grandmother covering her face after seeing bride
groom's mom fixing his tie
groom walking down the aisle
bride and her father walking down the aisle
groom biting his lip after seeing the bride
bride's dad and her groom giving each other a high five
groom wiping away tears as the bride hugs her dad
bride and groom holding hands during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom kissing during their wedding ceremony
bride and groom kissing after walking back down the aisle
bridal party portrait in front of a brick wall
full wedding party portrait in front of a brick wall
wedding party in front of the cloth mill at eno river
fun bridal party portrait
bride's bouquet
groom kissing the bride on her temple
bride and groom holding hands and walking
bride and groom kissing in front of the cloth mill at eno river
bride smiling as the groom hugs her from behind
groom and bride laughing as the groom hugs her
creative lighting portrait of the bride and groom smiling at each other
bride and groom sharing their first dance
groom smiling at the bride during the first dance
groom twirling bride during their first dance
bride and groom holding their hands high during the first dance
wedding reception at the cloth at eno river
bride's mother giving a speech
groom's father giving a speech
groom's father giving a toast
bride crying during a speech
best man giving a speech
bride's father holding her on the dance floor
mother son dance

If you thought the beginning of this blog was fun, keep scrolling! Saying Calvin, Morgan, and their friends & families know how to get down would be an understatement! This wasn’t your typical dance floor with the same 8 people dancing all night while everyone sits around. Everyone from the bride and groom to grandma was bringing the party and if there wasn’t a bubble exit on the schedule, we’re pretty sure they would’ve went all night!

bride and groom cutting the cake
wedding guest dancing with his beer
bridesmaid and her fiance dancing
bride tossing the bouquet
single ladies going to catch the bouquet
groom retrieving the garter
groom retrieved the garter
single men trying to catch the garter
wedding reception dance party
wedding guest chugging a beer on the dance floor
wedding guest getting low
bride and groom dancing and laughing
wedding guest taking a selfie
groom dancing with his grandmother and raising a toast
bride and groom exiting their wedding through bubbles

So many congrats to Calvin and Morgan and we can't thank you guys enough for letting us be a part of your journey!

Special thanks to all of the awesome wedding vendors who helped to make this day epic!

Coordination: Chestnut & Vine

Florals: Tre Bella

Videography: Dogwood Media

Officiant Michelle Wawrzyniak

Catering: Beau Catering

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