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Intimate details: how to get wedding & engagement photos that you will love!

As a wedding photographer, I can tell you that we get the opportunity to take tons of amazing photos for couples during their engagements and weddings. Everything from getting ready, to walking down the isle, the bride and groom saying I do and kissing, the father daughter dance, the cake cutting, you name it. Probably my personal favorite when looking back on a wedding or engagement are the up close and personal moments or as we like to call them the intimate details. Arms tangled, bodies close, eyes looking into one another, hands wrapped around each other, there's just simply nothing like it that evokes quite the same feeling. Above and below we have Jordan & Mark sharing 2 of the previously described moments wrapped in her veil. Notice not only the facial expressions but the natural body language.

One of the trademarks of these photos, at least for our style is that it always cuts off some of what's going on and leaves the rest a beautiful mystery for your imagination to fill in. It truly forces you to take in the beauty of what's in front of you and imagine the rest. Often times we will shoot the photo in such a way that maybe you can just see a smile and a jaw line or it could be a simple as a pinky swear shown below at the Carr Wedding from earlier this year.

Subtle gestures and intimate details such as these can really add feeling and emotion to the entire day's album when you look back on your wedding. One of the best things about working with two photographers like Jenny & I is that you can have a seamlessly quick and smooth process all the while capturing not only the full body shots, but also these up close intimate details at the same time. Below are two opportunities in which we took a moment to highlight the eyes of Dana and Lauren and boy are we glad we did. You simply cannot fake these genuine looks and by isolating them from the rest of the face and body, you are able to bring out the story they tell.

So whether it's a romantic engagement or your special day, don't forget to ask your photographer for some intimate detailed shots. Not only can they give a creative perspective to a seemingly simple photo or pose, but they can leave you in awe at what you share with your special someone as sometimes the camera sees what the eyes can not.


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