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Sarah & Nikki's Laughing Waters Wedding

We recently had the pleasure of spending the day with Sarah & Nikki on their wedding day at Laughing Waters Retreat, near Lake Lure, just outside of Asheville. The only way to describe the day in its entirety was sensational! It was the first time we met Nikki and she was everything Sarah had described and more! We had previously met with Sarah leading up to her wedding and as we got to know her over some local beer, and learn about her relationship with Nikki, the more we felt like we were preparing for a day to hangout with two friends! Sarah would light up as she spoke about the wedding day in details and we soon discovered that due to the nature of her career, Nikki had to travel a lot, but not just out of town, out of the country! In fact, the first time we met to talk about the wedding, Nikki was in China on a big project! Though she couldn’t be there, Sarah kept her in the loop with everything as the day got closer and closer.

For those who’ve never heard of laughing waters retreat, to hear someone describe this location just would not do it justice but we are going to try anyway! The way Sarah described the stream backdrop with a small waterfall behind the ceremony site really painted a beautiful picture but when we arrived it was so much more than that. Surrounded by the cool greens tucked away behind a cabin big enough to fit your whole family laid the ceremony site. The stream flowed by so softly if you closed your eyes and just listened it would take you to another place and indeed it did.

As the ladies prepared for their big moment, guests started to arrive and old friends made new friends as everybody mixed an mingled about anxiously awaiting to see their friends on their big day!

The ceremony began and it was an emotional time filled with tears of joy, laughter at times, and in the end, pure joy.

From there on, it was a fun filled day filled with more tears, more laughter, amazing cake, and one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with! Nikki and Sarah joked as did their families that they were “The Britt” (Sarah is English) and “The Hick” as Nikki was a self proclaimed small town girl. Truthfully, who could’ve imagined that two lives, complete worlds apart, would some day find each other and become one? The chemistry the liveliness between Sarah and Nikki gave those around them delight and we could not be happier to have spent the day with these two ladies capturing memories they will cherish for a life time. Congrats Sarah and Nikki and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

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