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Snowy Biltmore Proposal!!! Alex + Kaitlin

A couple of weekends ago, we got what may have very well been our last snow of the season, although I could’ve just jinxed it! Ask anyone around the Asheville area about this winter and you’re likely to hear the word “weird” thrown in at some point. We have literally had Tuesday be sunny and 70 followed by a Wednesdays of overcast 20s! We heard this particular Saturday would be accompanied by some snow flurries at night. As we packed our cameras to head to The Biltmore and capture Alex’s proposal to Kaitlin, we noticed the snow had already begun! After weeks of planning and coordination, this was definitely a curveball we didn’t see coming! Alex texted us on the drive to The Biltmore and asked if we were still okay to shoot in the snow? Having shot a proposal in the snow before, we knew we would be in for a treat as would Alex and Kaitlin and we let him know everything was absolutely still a go! (snowy proposal/engagement photos are awesome!)

Thankfully the snow didn’t scare either of them off and we were able to go capture some fun, beautiful, and snowy pictures around The Biltmore! One of the coolest things we noticed were the flowers in the Garden area were in bloom as it was almost spring, and we had snow! A rare combo, but one we were thankful to be present for! As we moved around with these two lovebirds, their excitement and joy was ever present during their engagement session. Towards the end, the snow really started to pick up and the temperatures started to drop, but this heavy snow made for some beautiful bokeh amazing memories!

Big congrats to Alex & Kaitlin! Even though our faces went numb, you two warmed our hearts and we wish you the best on your amazing journey!!!

-Jenny & Joe

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