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5 reasons to get married in Asheville (or near it!)

For those of us that are fortunate enough to live in such a wonderful town like Asheville or the surrounding WNC areas, we would very well come up with hundreds of reasons to live here or visit here throughout the year. But many locals and out of towners alike may not have realized that Asheville has quickly become one of the most popular areas for destination weddings in the southeast. In fact we actually remember reading an article from Borrowed and Blue around a year and a half ago that mentioned there are about 6,000 weddings a year in this WNC area surrounding Asheville. For those who are still looking for that special destination town to tie the knot, we have come up with our top 5 reasons to get married in Asheville, or somewhere near!

Amazing wedding venues & many options

From the outskirts of town to right in the middle of down town, Asheville and the surrounding areas are known for having some of the best wedding venues around! If you’re looking to get married at a vineyard, you can. If you want a beautiful mountain view from a covered pavilion, we have it. If you want a rustic style wedding at an elegant farm, look no further. Are you looking for something more laid back and retro? Check out June Bug Retro Resort! Or maybe you desire more a regal style wedding that spares no expense, there is always the Biltmore! Asheville and the surrounding areas are literally a blank canvas of wedding day possibilities.

Amazing Wedding Vendors

With so many couples deciding that Asheville is that special place they want to have their wedding it has created a demand for wedding vendors and in Asheville you will find some of the best and most accommodating. Many of the wedding vendors we know in the area including other wedding photographers, travel far to serve the needs of their clientele, in fact it’s not uncommon for us to get an out of town inquiry where a prospective client informs us that they have been searching the Asheville area to find vendors for their wedding!

Great weather most of the year

While it does get cold in the higher mountains surrounding the area, Asheville itself stays pretty mild through the winter. I remember our first full time year of wedding photography and us worrying about budgeting for our “offseason”. We quickly found out, there really is no such thing in Asheville. Rain or shine, summer or fall, even snow, weddings go on! It’s not to say it doesn’t get cold but it’s nothing like up north, and the summers are nothing like way down south. This mostly mild climate attracts couples for weddings year round!


With most clients that we meet, and like many people in life, families are scattered about! Some people live in Florida, other live as far north at New York or Minnesota. You want all your dear family and friends to make it, but your trying to figure out a plan to make it work, for everyone, often times geographically, Asheville is right in the middle and an easy option for everyone!

You can make it a mini moon

If you are planning a destination wedding, odds are you’re likely getting there a few days beforehand to get everything set up, squared away, and checked off your list. On top of this, if your family has traveled to come spend time with you on your big day, they will likely be in town for a couple of days. It truly is the perfect opportunity to schedule a few days before or after your wedding to going hiking or mountain biking in Pisgah, check out the local breweries that Asheville is known for, or simply take a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and see where the wind takes you. If you set it up right, you can trade your wedding day for a wedding week, and we most definitely recommend that option!

For more information on local wedding options and accommodations, feel free to hit us up or check out our preferred vendor’s page at your convenience! We hope to see you soon!

Special thanks to our teammates Joseph & Hannah for their contributions to this blog!!!

-Joe & Jenny


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