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Biltmore Engagement: Mary + Kelvin

They say good things come to those who wait. Well we connected with Mary & Kelvin back in April of this year and we had to wait until this past weekend to meet them but man oh man, was it ever worth the wait! We had to re-schedule a few time due to the weather but you could not have picked a more picture perfect (pun intended) day for this past Sunday. With the fall season embracing more and more of the Asheville area, The Biltmore was absolutely gorgeous on this evening!

Just days prior to the shoot, everything was looking like it was finally going to be on point! We discussed outfit ideas and our anticipation grew as their engagement shoot approached. Just from the tone of Mary’s texts and emails you could tell she was super excited! When the day of the shoot finally arrived and we got to meet Mary and Kelvin in person, you could tell Mary’s excitement was not just perceived, it's who she is! Her playful demeanor and lighthearted grace was infectious! Kelvin was a true gentleman through and through and when they were together you couldn’t help but smile at their beautiful chemistry! As we moved around the Biltmore estate and visited the beautiful surroundings, we made time for one quick outfit change and while we are convinced that Mary and Kelvin would look pretty darn good in just about anything, Mary’s red dress was to die for and Kelvin's sport jacket and jeans complimented her perfectly! (don’t take our word for it, check these two out ☺ )

Getting to spend the evening with Mary and Kelvin was excellent and we absolutely can’t wait until their wedding day!

Thank you two for a wonderful evening and we look forward to seeing you in January!

-Jenny & Joe

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