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Black Balsam Engagement: Kalie + Jono

For anyone that follows us on the regular, you’ve probably seen that we always have a certain level of excitement and anticipation that comes with every new couple we have the pleasure of working with. Each couple shares a special connection that is unique to them. Factor in that each location offers something different, each lighting situation, each season, each venue, you name it. We love the variety and challenge that comes with each of these variables and being able to adjust to create beautiful captured moments is one of the ultimates for us. But every now and then, there’s a session that just hits us right in the feels. We love everything about the couple, the location, the lighting, and the weather. It’s as if the stars align and say “Hey, guys you’re going to enjoy this one!”. Kalie & Jono were one of those couples for us and their engagement session at Black Balsam Knob had all of our favorite ingredients! Mountain views, golden fields, warm tones, sunsets, sun bursts, sun haze (we could go on about the amazing things the sun was doing on this special night!) and of course, a whole lot of love!

Thank you guys for hiking mountains with us and for trusting us with your engagement photos! The wedding day is going to be awesome!

-Jenny & Joe

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