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Winter Wonderland Wedding: Chris + Lesley

In early December, we were fortunate to be a part of one of the most special weddings in recent memory. It was the wedding of Lesley & Chris! After connecting with them during our initial meet up at Wicked Weed in downtown Asheville, we knew we were going to be in for a fun journey with these two. Not only were they ridiculously cute and two of the most likable individuals you could ever meet, but they also were funny and they wanted to have their fur babies in their engagement photos! (winning). To quote Chris regarding their reasoning for a Friday wedding as opposed to the traditional Saturday or Sunday route, “This way no one has to miss their college football Saturday or their NFL Sunday.” (lol) Another reason this wedding was so special is leading up it an obvious winter wedding here in Asheville, you pretty much have to anticipate that it is going to be cold. Well Lesley had mentioned for her, the ultimate would be snow on her beautiful winter wedding at Homewood and that this was something she prayed about. Well wouldn’t you know, it did snow on Chris & Lesley’s special day! And snow, and snow! The weather stations had previously anticipated a ‘light dusting’ for Asheville and the surrounding areas but what we ended up getting was nearly a foot of snow, which created a magical setting for her already amazing venue! Prior to this our last snow wedding was also at Homewood and at the very beginning of the year so it was almost poetic that we would be closing out a year with another snow wedding! Amidst the love and shear beauty of this winter wonderland wedding, there was also a lot of joy! From the wedding ceremony to the dance floor, everybody present truly had an amazing time!

It was one of those weddings we will never forget! The usual 15 minute drive to the venue took over an hour due to the crazy weather! The snow covered property at Homewood looked like something out of a story book, and getting to document a wedding for two amazing people like Chris & Lesley was an absolute blast!

Congrats you guys and as always, thanks for following along!


Venue: Homewood

Planning/Coordinating: Carolina Love Events

Videographer: Brett Johnson

Florals: DIY

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