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Homewood Wedding Asheville: Sara + Stephen

Every wedding and couple whose journey we have the opportunity to be a part of is special, but every now and then a wedding stands out in our minds as being unique & moving. For us, Sara and Stephens’s wedding at Homewood did just that! On top of being their wedding day, it was also Sara’s parents wedding anniversary. If that wasn’t enough it was also her grandparents wedding date, in fact they were the fourth generation of family to get married on this special date! Just let the enormity and sentimental meaning of that sink in for a minute. This was their special day but they will also forever share this date in time with those loved ones before them (goosebumps!).

One of the other things that stood out for us on this wedding day can only be explained as fate. In the weeks leading up to their big day, Sara sent us an email to check with us about our plans if the weather went awry. At this point in time the forecast was calling for heavy rain all day on February 11th. Of course, we had a plan and we assured her not to worry as did her wedding planner because the weather can change radically in the mountains on any given day at any given location. Light dustings of snow can turn into 9 inches, and sunshine and blue skies on this side of the mountain can be contrasted by dark, wet, rainy, and windy on the other side. Unfortunately, the closer and closer we got to their wedding day, the weather did not appear as if it was going to change. But, as fate sometimes has a funny way of working out, the previously forecasted heavy rains were non-existent and a few light sprinkles were all that made their presence felt on this awesome day! In fact the cloud cover provided perfect soft light for the first look, couples portraits, and bridal party photos! Even though at times it threatened to rain, we never lost the faith and for the little bit that we did get, our collection of umbrellas proved most useful (and stylish if we may say so)!

The last thing that stood out to us in this wedding was the fun! Everyone present on this special day was truly having an amazing time! The pinnacle of this fun was never more apparent then when the DJ dropped Enter Sandman by Metallica to pay homage to this large group of Virginia Tech alum and the reception went wild!

Looking back over our short but sweet time with Sara & Stephen, this day was inspiring from beginning to end! From the sentimental meaning of their wedding date, to the way these two held each other close when they touched, it is a day that won’t soon be forgotten!

Congrats you guys and thank you for letting us share this special day with you!

Jenny & Joe

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