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Surprise Proposal at Windy Gap: Taylor + Kelley

On our second to last day in Exuma for Gina and Jamie’s wedding, we were about about 10 minutes from heading out to sea for a few hours when we received a call from a number we didn’t recognize. While traveling we try not to get too caught up in our phones and email but something told us to answer this one. Boy are we glad we did because we it allowed us to connect with Taylor! Taylor was soon telling us about his surprise proposal he was planning for his now fiance Kelley! Taylor, still needing to finalize a few details emailed us back the next day and let us know everything was a go as he told us his vision for this special moment. While road tripping from Nashville to Asheville over the weekend they would make their way to Windy Gap, a Young Life camp Sunday for morning service. Along the way they would stop to cross the bridge to a small island where Young Life staff will have placed a chair, bucket, and towels for a foot washing ceremony. For those of you not familiar with this tradition, it is a beautifully symbolic ceremony rooted in love and service to one another as Jesus did for his disciples in John 13:2-5. It is popular among Christian weddings and for Taylor proposing to Kelley, it would serve as a symbol of his willingness to love and devote his life to her as he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

After hearing about Taylor’s plan, we couldn’t help but grow even more excited to capture this special moment for these two! When Sunday finally arrived, we were blessed with a beautifully soft lit day! After previously discussing the logistics of everything with Taylor, we decided to arrive early to see how we could arrange ourselves to best capture the proposal. After all, this wasn’t a large open area, filled with tourists or somewhere we could easily hide, it was a small island. Thankfully some of the surrounding aspects of the island made this a little easier than we had initially anticipated and we blended into the property much like the surrounding campers. As they arrived, they made their way to the island hand in hand in preparation for the foot washing ceremony. As Taylor had planned, he pulled out a ring shortly after washing Kelley’s feet and while still on two knees. Kelley’s face lit up with a surprised joy and she wrapped her arms around Taylor tightly!

Minutes after the proposal Kelley was radiating joy and still in disbelief so we gave these two a few minutes to reflect and take it all in. Thankfully they didn’t mind taking a few extra minutes for engagement photos afterwards because their spirits were absolutely full of love! In fact we would say right after your proposal is usually the perfect time for engagement photos because the emotion from the occasion always lends itself to such natural expressions of happiness and that excitement carries throughout the entire session, much like it did with Taylor & Kelley.

With hearts full of love and stomachs full of Biscuit Head, Taylor and Kelley did eventually have to part ways with us as they made their way back home to celebrate with friends and family! As we reflect on our time with these two, we are gratefully reminded of the delight that can come with new beginnings!

Congrats you guys!

Joe & Jenny

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