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Rustic Carolina Wedding: C + C

Updated: Mar 5

groom kissing bride on the cheek as she smiles

You know how everyone knows that one couple? C’mon, you know what I’m talking about! They’re that one couple that just seems like the perfect pair. They’re sweet, kind, funnny, genuine, hardworking, and cute to top it all off. Everybody seems to know at least one couple like that and for us it’s Courtney and Caleb. You may remember these two from their adventurous engagement session up on Hawksbill Mountain trail when we still had ankle deep snow and temps in the 30s (if you don’t remember you should so click here!). Their beautiful wedding day was held in South Carolina on Courtney’s family property and it was the absolute perfect setting for their big day! Beyond being scenic with that harmonious blend of rustic elegance, there were a lot of memories on this piece of land. Caleb and Courtney and their families and friends both put just about everything together themselves for their wedding. The dance floor was built by hand, and even the cabin Courtney got ready in was built by her dad prior to the wedding. I recall Caleb telling me that they like to use this property to hunt as well and the first deer he got here he gifted to Courtney’s dad. With all of the time and effort to see all of this through to the end and the countless hours spent here making memories even before their wedding day, it would be hard to find a more storied ‘venue’ for a wedding.

From our perspective, it was one of those days that was completely stress free. Courtney and her bridesmaids rolled up smiling ear to ear in her SUV and Caleb’s brothers and dad all ribbed each other as they got ready! The laughs started and with the exception of a few happy tears, they pretty much never stopped. Those said happy tears happened a couple times throughout the day depending on who you were with, but for us, the moving part of the day was during Caleb and Courtney’s ceremony. Caleb and Courtney opted to do an anniversary box ceremony as a part of their wedding ceremony. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s when you put some kind of keepsake in a box (or some object of your choice) and when your one year anniversary comes around, you can open the box to revisit that special moment with whatever you put inside, be it a letter to each other, or something else special. After closing up their anniversary box, Caleb pulled Courtney in close and they closed their eyes as he started to pray. A few moments into the prayer, Courtney wiped away a few tears and it was one of those gut level moments that you couldn’t help but get a little choked up, especially after getting to know these two and the love they share for each other. Of course, getting to pull them out for sunset photos was easily a close second!

traditional groom's party portrait
dramatic lighting portrait of the groom's party
groom's party all jumping
groomsmen kissing and licking the groom to embarrass him
traditional portrait of the groom smiling
portrait of the groom in front of a tree and blue sky
bride checking out her dress
bride's dog looking out the window
bridal party taking a selfie
bride and groom sharing their first touch
bride using her phone as a mirror
bridesmaid helping bride with her dress
bridal portrait of the bride looking out the window
wedding guests hugging
wedding sing in table
little boys playing
white partially naked wedding cake
variety cake tower
bride and groom koozies
groom smiling while awaiting the arrival of the bride
bride's dad walking her into the ceremony
groom looking down during the ceremony
bride smiling as she walks down the aisle
groom smiling as he sees the bride
bride biting her lip ad looking at the groom
bride and groom's relatives crying
wedding ceremony under an old tree
country style wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony under an old oak tree
bride and groom laughing during their wedding ceremony
bride and groom ceiling a box during the ceremony
bride and groom praying together
bride crying as they pray together
bride and groom sharing their first kiss
bride and groom raising their arms in celebration
groom smiling at the bride as they walk back down the aisle
bridal party portrait in front of a barn
wedding party portrait in front of a barn
bridal portrait in front of an old barn
bride and groom going in for a kiss
bride and groom holding hands and walking across an open field
bride and groom entering their reception
groom twirling bride on the dance floor
groom picking up bride and spinning her on the dance floor
groom dipping bride during their first dance
groom talking to wedding guests
bride kissing a family member on the head
bride laughing with friends
maid of honor smiling during her speech
wedding guests laughing at their table
bride laughing and looking at the groom
groom's father giving a demonstration of pouring water
groom and his dad hugging
bride and groom cutting the cake
bride about to feed the groom cake
wedding tent in an open field
bride and groom kissing on an old country road
bride laughing as she holds hands with the groom
bride and groom holding hands and looking opposite directions
bride and groom holding hands and walking across an open field
bride and groom holding each other near a horizon line
bride smiling as the groom kisses her cheek and hugs her
bride's smile with the groom's arm around her
sunset portrait of the bride
traditional bridal portrait during sunset
bride and groom kissing during sunset
wedding guests dancing
groomsman showing off his dance moves
bride sitting on her friends lap
flashes going off on the dance floor
motion blur shot of the bride dancing with her sister
motion blur shot of the bride and groom kissing on the dance floor
groom's mother and father having fun on the dance floor
bride laughing at the groom while they hold hands on the dance floor
bride hugging the groom on the dance floor

After dancing the night away with their friends and fam (no seriously!) Courtney and Caleb shared one more special moment before their wedding came to a close. They opted to have a last dance. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s when your guests have generally left for the evening and the couple shares one more dance completely alone to end the reception. It’s become one of our favorite happenings at a wedding in the last year and it usually makes for the sweetest of photos. We were sad to see this one end, but are so grateful to have been a part of Courtney and Caleb’s journey as well as making two new friends along the way!

Venue: Family property

Planning/Coordinating: Shindig Weddings & Events

DJ: AAA Entertainment

Florals: Debi Warren

Catering: Mutts BBQ

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