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Apache Pier Wedding: P + M

One of the crazy things about a dream is how it can evolve over time. We still remember it like it was yesterday when we decided to move to Asheville to chase our dream of becoming full time photographers! At first we were just trying to get established and make a name for ourselves in this area and before you knew it, we were blessed with the opportunity to travel beyond Asheville quite often. It was one of those things where it kept happening and it eventually hit us that there was a very real possibility we could spend a good deal of our year traveling for weddings out of town and destination weddings. As that dream progressed we began to pursue opportunities outside of WNC. Fast forward to this year, and literally more than half of our weddings have been out of town! One of our most recent was Paige and Michael’s beautiful destination wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC! We first connected with Michael and Paige a little over a year ago when Michael was traveling through Asheville and was looking for a photographer to help capture his surprise proposal to Paige. Michael had just about everything planned out to a T! We were initially going to be heading to Chimney Rock to capture the big moment in front of a waterfall, but as fate would have it, there ended up being some slides in that area beforehand and we ultimately had to come up with a plan B.

Plan B ended being on our favorite spots in WNC area, Triple Falls! We soon confirmed everything with Michael and the rest is history!

After connecting with Michael and Paige for their engagement session, we knew we wanted to stay connected with them for this journey. We were thrilled when they asked us if we were willing to travel to the beach for their wedding soon after! Beyond being excited for the opportunity to travel and shoot another beach wedding, we were just as excited to see Paige and Michael again. Even though their engagement was short session, we really felt like we made two new friends. They were both adventurous, funny, and as sweet as they come and we were so grateful to be in their presence.

With Paige and Michael coming all the way from California to this coast, it truly was a destination wedding for them and many of their family and friends as well! Being unfamiliar with the area, we decided to get out that morning before their wedding and walk on the beach to check everything out. The more we discovered the more we couldn’t wait! Their ceremony was going to be held next to Apache Pier, the longest pier on the east coast! It may not sound like much and we’ve totally been on piers before growing up in Florida, but once you get out on this thing (or under it for that matter) it blows you away with the sheer size! We knew this would be a perfect element to incorporate into some of their photos throughout the day! As the day progressed I got to hang with Michael and his groomsmen at the Pier and Jenny was back at the suite with Paige and her bridesmaids! It’s natural for a wedding day to carry an element of stress but if I’m being completely honest, excitement was easily the feeling of the day! Guests soon arrived and the laid back beach vibes coupled with the warm weather seemed to just put everyone in that perfect happy place. Their ceremony was beautiful and emotional as these two were soon be joined together as one!

The rest of the evening was a blur, mainly because these two and their crew totally knew how party! (dance photos to come!) Thankfully we were able to slow it down a bit and get out with Michael and Paige on the beach for some sunset photos. Much like they did for their engagement, these two had fun and definitely crushed it! It was a wedding day we won’t soon forget with a couple whom we are definitely blessed to call friends! We hope you enjoy following along!

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