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Step Brothers Themed Engagement

Here in Asheville we get our fare share of vibrant sunsets, mountain scapes, and beautiful scenery. This engagement session includes none of the above, and we’re totally okay with that! Laura and Ted contacted us about a month before their engagement and they had a super fun idea that we were so down for! It was quite shocking when they told us that several photographers had already turned them down for this idea (LAME!) but when they told us about it, we were stoked about the idea! They wanted to have a Step Brother’s themed engagement session. You know the hilarious movie Step Brothers with Will Ferrel and John C. Riley? Yes, that one. It is literally one of our favorite comedy movies so when the opportunity came up to re-create some of the most iconic scenes from the movie, we jumped at it!

When we met with Ted and Laura at their beautiful home in Asheville, we connected instantly and knew this was going to be a fun shoot! Of course we warmed them up with a few cute/traditional shots but before you knew it, we were on to the Step Brothers madness! The rest of their session was mix of trying to keep a straight face for some of the shots, ridiculous movie quotes, a lot of laughs, and one smashed pumpkin! We had a blast with these two and we’re pretty sure you will love following along. Enjoy my friends!


"It's okay that mine's not movie quality."

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