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Do you need dancing photos at your wedding? Of course!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! As we were sitting here organizing some of our recent shoots and working on some edits, our next blog just hit me and it's something we've been wanting to touch on for a while! The title asks it all. Do I really need dancing photos at my wedding? And our answer is of course! Now we realize not every couple is made up of dancers and most people would rather public speak than be caught dancing on camera, but the truth is, dancing at your wedding provides some of the most dynamic images which will certainly make for some of the most memorable moments when looking back on your wedding day. Heck I remember when Jenny asked me what songs we were going to dance to at our wedding and at that point I was like "uhh none!" (LOL), anyone who was there knows that this wasn't the case and I ended up actually loosening up a bit and we had a great time! Truth be told when we look back on our wedding album, these were truly some of the photos that brought the biggest smiles to our faces and it doesn't just have to be the crazy fun dancing photos like pictured above, many times couples will hire us just to capture them getting ready, the ceremony and a few traditional and candid styled photos after, but you miss out on other amazing aspects like the first dance or the father daughter dance which, in our opinion is usually the most tender moment of any wedding (so many happy tears!).

Pictured above from left to right: Julie and her Dad share the dance floor on their father daughter dance, such an emotional moment as Julie's eyes begin to get misty. In the middle we have Molly & Joseph during their first dance surrounded by the wedding party at the beautiful Moretz Mills in Hickory, NC. Lastly, pictured to the right are Burt and his beautiful mother sharing in the mother son dance. If Burt's look is any indication, he couldn't be any happier.

Though the small gallery above depicts the more traditional dances during a wedding day. When the lights go down and the people start getting comfortable (food and drinks always help!) the dance floor tends to pick up speed and the brides, grooms, and everyone in between tend to kick it up a notch as you will see below!

From beautiful brides getting down on the dance floor to a little rustic styled blue grass dance, these are the kinds of moments that one looks back on and doesn't just smile, sometimes they laugh out loud in joy! Speaking of moments, we shared one of our favorites below between Molly & her mother on the dance floor.

Nothing like a little kiss on the cheek to make mom's night! So remember! When it comes to how you want your wedding captured, always build in a little extra time for awesome dance photos! Speaking from experience, I can say you won't regret it! Make sure to get out there, get loose, and smile! We will do the rest ;)

-Joe & Jenny

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