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How Do I Propose? 3 tips to nail it!

You’ve purchased the ring, you’ve picked the perfect spot, you’ve thought about what to say over and over, and even hired a photographer to capture the moment! Now how to do you orchestrate all of these things in harmony to make sure you do it right? Having captured this moment for many couples, we came up with three simple tips to help you nail it!

Plan! Let’s start with the time of day. Many people would generally think that the best time of the day would be in the middle of the afternoon and this may be right for some, but consider where the sun is at this time of the day. Make sure not to line your partner up so that their face is facing directly into the sun. The last thing you want is them squinting and making a not so happy face while you get down on one knee, it could definitely ruin the moment. Consider the Golden hour, i.e the hour after sunrise or the hour leading up to sunset. The lighting tends to be more ideal during this time of the day for great photos, and you can also throw in going to dinner as a disguise during the time of the day (not to mention no squinting!). Also, when considering location, do a little research so you can plan accordingly. Many will choose a beautiful spot such as the Biltmore to propose but make sure to consider that their hours vary at different times of the year as the seasons change. Certain spots of the property may not be accessible. Or maybe you’ve decided to do it downtown, make sure there isn’t a festival going on during that time of the day . Lastly for the planning tip, look ahead at the weather and have a potential back up plan if things go south. This back up plan could be a different spot or as simple as having an umbrella like Cory did when he proposed to Rachel as shown below. This little bit of foresight to bring an umbrella helped turn another rainy day into a day they will always remember.

Coordinate! Make sure to coordinate with your photographer. It may seem a little obvious but make sure to get his or her phone number so you can text them if something pops up. These ‘somethings’ can be needing to change locations in order to keep the element of surprise if you think they suspect something. In many cases it could be bad traffic! With one couple in particular we worked with (Melissa and Holly), Melissa coordinated all week and that morning to make sure everything was running as smooth and as timely as possible. That was until they arrived at the Biltmore and had to wait in a rare long line to catch a shuttle back to the spot we had all discussed. Thankfully she was able to coordinate with us via text and the results couldn’t have been better!

Relax! When it's all said and done, relax. Especially if you have followed the previously mentioned tips, it will work out fine! What is meant to be will always find a way! Make sure to just be present in the moment with your soon to be fiance and focus on nothing but them. Also, you don't want to be so nervous and stressed they suspect something and give it away! Even if you don't see a photographer, rest assured that they are likely in hiding unseen with their telephoto zoom lens ready to capture the moment like we did for Joseph and Jjina on this beautiful hillside proposal at the Biltmore estate.

We had to throw in one last bonus tip! Make sure to make time for impromptu engagement photos! The amount of joy and happiness present in you both makes for some of the hands down best photos. It's written all over your faces and body language, so make time and we will capture the magic :)

Until next time, we wish all of our friends, family, and followers and awesome weekend!

-Jenny & Joe

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