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Biltmore Engagement Photos - How to plan for the photos you want!

One of our favorite things throughout the year is working with the amazing couples we get to know and love during their engagement sessions. By far, one of the most popular destinations for couples wanting engagement photography in Asheville is The Biltmore and why not? It’s absolutely breathtaking on so many levels and it offers so many different looks and spots in a fairly close proximity. We wanted to share some considerations for you if you are planning to get your engagement photos at The Biltmore!

First and foremost, consider the spot your want at The Biltmore. Of course one of the most popular spots to take capture a shot is right in front of the house as many couples do, but there are so many more amazing spots throughout The Biltmore’s 8,000 Acres! We love getting awesome photos of couples in front of the house but also consider some of the following spots which we will show below. By far our favorite spot is the side hill right beside the house itself slightly to the east. In the distance you have beautiful mountain ranges, a perfectly placed tree sitting on the hill, and rolling lush green fields as far as the eye can see. Another one of our favorite spots is on the back side of the property near the river and bass pond. Especially during certain times of the year, the fields are golden and high and give that extra little bit of awesome to your photos! Some other popular spots to consider are the Gardens and the back patio connected to the house overlooking the mountains. Just see some of the spectacular sites and colors below!

The other big thing to consider is time of day and year that you want to get your engagement photos. The hours at The Biltmore vary throughout the seasons and it is important to check on their website as many times the area you want to access may be closed to traffic and could require a hike (which is always fun there as well!). Time of year would also be another big factor to consider. Do you want photos during the winter with snow on the ground? Do you want vibrant orange and red leaves during the fall? Or how about the amazing tulips in the Gardens during the Spring? Timing is everything and make sure you time your shoot early enough in the morning or late enough in the day to capture one of the golden hours during the day when the light is just perfect for pictures, not to mention amazing sunset shots like below and above!

The last thing to consider is admission. Being as amazing as The Biltmore is, it also costs money. The fees vary during the year so it’s always good to call or drive to the visitor’s center and see if they are offering any deals but they offer day passes and yearly passes (by far the best value!). Or you could even book a couple nights at The Inn and enjoy a weekend of festivities and wine tasting (what better way to get in the mood for some photos!?).

It’s easy to see why The Biltmore is so popular for engagement photos. They have a lot to offer and there is easily something for everybody. Whether you’re looking to make a day or weekend out of it, you will not be disappointed! We hope some of these considerations will help make getting your engagement photos at The Biltmore as smooth as possible!

-Jenny & Joe

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