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Rachael & Brett - Wyche Pavilion Wedding Greenville

From the get go, we were super excited for Rachael and Brett’s big day! Not only because it was our first Greenville, SC wedding at the Wyche Pavilion in downtown Greenvile, but we got a chance to meet this amazing couple a few months prior on their trip down from their home in D.C. and after meeting them, we knew we wanted to nail it for them as you could tell they were excited too!

Jenny and I arrived about 45 minutes early as we know how it can be with downtown Greenville traffic and parking, but we were fortunate enough to grab a great spot close to the venue. From there we started scoping out spots for Rachel & Brett’s first look! This was not going to be super easy due to the amount of harsh light at the time of the day it was scheduled (not to mention lack of cloud cover) but as we wandered, one of the planners told us about a spot between the buildings that could work. We scoped it out and it was the spot!

From there it was off to the bridal party rooms to capture the fellas and the ladies getting ready. Shooting the guys getting ready was great. Brett and all of his groomsmen were a having a great time, especially as the jokes flew. Once they finished Brett’s tie, there was a little time to relax before we made our way off to the first look.

Jenny shot the ladies as they prepared for the beautiful day that awaited them. Bubbly Blowdry Bar in Greenville, SC had the ladies looking stunning with their style and attention to detail.

Once Rachael was ready, Jenny and I coordinated to set up the first look. Not much was said but you could tell Brett was so excited as he waited patiently for his lovely bride to make her way down the stairs behind him and the reaction says it all! From there we had time for a few individual shots of this passionate couple and some fun ones with the bridal party as well! Then Jenny & I transitioned, as it was time to start getting ready for the ceremony.

The day was starting to cloud up at that point which made for excellent lighting! The ceremony was charming and we were able to avoid heavy rain (thankfully!). Before you knew it, Rachael and Brett were saying their I dos and sealing their love with a kiss.

Not only did we have the pleasure of working with Rachael & Brett and their awesome friends and family, but the vendors present really help set the day off. Linda’s Flower Shop provided the floral arrangements for the day and they were all gorgeous! From the tables to the bouquets, her work spoke for itself. Buttercream Bakehouse dropped off a marvelous cake that you almost didn’t want to cut into because it was done so well and lastly The party machine provided the entertainment to help keep the party moving as the night went on and boy did it ever!

As the day started winding down, we were able to sneak away with Rachel and Brett once more for a few Golden hour shots. They were so refreshing as they both seemed to be getting more energetic as they day went on! Anyone whose gotten married before knows, an all day wedding can wear you out, but they were just warming up! Their love was beautifully apparent in every photo.

Also helping to make this day a success was Weddings by Larkin events & catering as well as upstate I do and a big thanks to both of them for their communication and coordination beforehand and throughout the day! We absolutely cannot wait until our next Greenville wedding!

Joe & Jenny

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