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Camp Pinnacle Wedding !

Do you have a big wedding party? Do you have 200+ of guests coming from all over (including out of town) to be a part of your special day? Do you value a lot of space, tons of fun in the sun, and an all-inclusive spot to make all this happen? Then Camp Pinnacle is the wedding venue for you! We recently had our first Camp Pinnacle wedding experience a few weekends back when we spent the day with Megan & Ben and their wonderful family and friends!

When we met with Megan and Ben for the first time, we discussed what the vision was for their big day. As we talked over Starbucks and got to know them, we could see could see that very little was going to be traditional in terms of how the day was going to unfold and what they wanted most was to capture the fun of their wedding day spent with friends and family. If their friends and family were anything like them, this was going to be an exciting day full of memories. We caught a glimpse of that fun when we did their engagement photos, most of which were spent on the soccer field in their natural element!

Fast forward a few months, we were able to tour Camp Pinnacle with Megan, Ben, and their super helpful coordinator Michelle who helps coordinate all the wedding action at Camp Pinnacle. After seeing Camp Pinnacle in person, I knew this was going to be better than what we had envisioned. It was literally a camp complete with water slides, rope swings, mountain bike trails you could connect to Dupont with a little navigation. Plenty of Bunks for friends and family, dinning area, lake, blue skies….I could go on but you probably get the picture. You can forgive my shock as many times the venues we get to see as wedding photographers might have a name that is slightly misleading in terms of what it actually is in terms of functionality, no question about it, Camp Pinnacle was ready for action!

When the day of the wedding had finally arrived, it did not disappoint! The guests that had already arrived were partaking in the festivities. From rope swings to hanging at the beach, everybody was having a great time. Ben would be found with some of his best friends playing Rootball! Now you may be thinking, that’s all well and good but what about the decorations, this is a wedding not a weekend at camp right? Well they did spend the entire weekend at Camp Pinnacle, but yes! The decorations were quite amazing. They were able to turn Camp Pinnacles outdoor dinning area into a proper area for wedding dining complete with rustic elegance and yellow for good measure to give it some pop!

As the day continued it was onto the amazing ceremony site lakefront where Ben and Megan would soon say their “I dos” . Camp Pinnacles open lay out and beautiful backdrops were simply perfect for Megan & Ben’s 200+ guests! If the views weren’t enough, Megan and Ben also had a fun and unique exit planned from the ceremony to the reception, which was to take a canoe across the lake! We were so excited about this idea we had decided prior that we were going to hop in the water to get a cool perspective as they came in!

From there it was off to the reception. Great food was provided by Camp Pinnacle, heart felt speeches were delivered by friends and family, and many cheers perfectly characterized this evening.

The night was capped off by a little fun on the dance floor!

We were so excited to be a part of Megan and Ben’s beautiful day from beginning to end and we simply cannot wait to visit Camp Pinnacle again!

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