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Downtown Asheville Wedding: The Millroom

We recently had the opportunity to shoot one of the coolest weddings we’ve been to at The Millroom in downtown Asheville! Not only was this particular wedding unique in terms of location with The Millroom’s fun almost steam punk industrial looking style on the outside, but we got to shoot a wedding on Black Friday which from the get go we found so cool! Not only would family be in town from Thanksgiving, but on a day when most of the country is out focusing on getting things they don’t have in an effort to make themselves happy, Ben & Laura were celebrating what they did have that makes them happy, such a cool vibe! We were fortunate enough to meet Laura and Ben through our friend Rebecca who told us earlier this year her brother was getting married! We were able to meet with Ben & Laura and discuss the vision for their wedding and as fate would have it, we were all a perfect fit! One of the most special things we remember Ben and Laura telling us as we sat at the table in their dining room was how they asked all their wedding guests that their gifts be given in the form of a donation to their favorite charities. Talk about a down to earth, cool, and selfless couple that we simply could not wait to work with!

Thankfully we got to see them the night before the wedding as Rebecca invited us to their family's Thanksgiving Dinner at Pack’s Tavern in downtown Asheville (thanks Becky! ;) ) Although brief, we did get to catch up a little before the wedding and as family mixed, mingled, and enjoyed a fantastic home-cooked style meal while laughing and sharing stories, we really started to see how all the family gelled. It was one of those special feelings and you could just tell that the wedding day was going to be great!

As Laura got ready, we were blessed with a gorgeous room, soft lighting, and did I mention a beautiful bride? I will go on record and say that it’s always the brides who say something to the effect of “I’m not that photogenic,” who always end up being the most photogenic (lol). Laura was glowing on her big day and the elegance of her dress complimented her perfectly.

Back at The Mill Room, Ben was taking care of all of the small details to make sure everything was just right. Once everything was to his liking, he made a little time to apply his finishing touches as well!

Soon after Ben was in place and Laura arrived, being walked down the aisle by her uncle and her dad. Naturally she was excited and the look on their faces when they saw each other just gave off a feeling that made you smile.

After saying their ‘I dos’, everyone picked right up where they left off the night before!

Of course our favorite part of the day was when we were able take Laura and Ben out by themselves for a few couples portraits! Though it was golden hour and we were greeted with a perfect blue sky and great lighting, it was also November in Asheville so we made sure to transition quickly from one spot to the next as it was a little cold and windy, but you would never know it looking at Ben and Laura as they nailed their portraits and looked amazing doing it!

Soon after the evening started to wind down and our newlywed couple would soon be off on their honeymoon! After it was all said and done we truly had an amazing time not only working with Laura and Ben but getting to spend the night before with their families and of course their wedding day as well. The experience was one we won't soon forget and as we look forward to our next Thanksgiving, we just want to say cheers to love, cheers to family, and cheers to Ben & Laura!

Special thanks to our friends and teammates Jenny & Bryan for their help during this awesome day and for their amazing captures!

-Jenny & Joe

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