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Memory Mountain at Wolf Laurel: Mary-Kate + Robert

Imagine an intimate wedding tucked away at a majestic cabin deep into the mountainous area of the Pisgah National Forrest. Now imagine that you are surrounded by your closest family & friends who are all there today share in the moment with you. Lastly imagine fun moments throughout the day and dance moves all night that strike you right in the feels! If you can picture it clearly, then you were likely in attendance to Mary-Kate & Robert’s beautiful Memory Mountain at Wolf Laurel Wedding!

One of our favorite things about the day (besides Mary-Kate & Robert of course!) was the beautiful do it yourself décor! Mary-Kate and her loved ones really took their time and put a ton extra effort into decorating and making sure their wedding looked amazing! In fact when we got there, Mary-Kate was still putting some of the finishing touches on the reception area while Robert was across the pond in another cabin getting ready.

Having gotten to work with Mary-Kate & Robert before, for their engagement photos at The Biltmore, we were stoked about getting to capture their wedding day! As you can see from some of their engagement photos, their chemistry and excitement for each other was awesome!

After the guys got ready, it was a traditional shot of Jameson amongst friends before the big moment and of course this loosened them up for photos (always a good thing!). After snapping a few photos of the fellas, Robert was able to relax with his groomsmen and other guests as the ceremony drew near.

As the crowd of friends and family gathered for Mary-Kate & Robert’s union, you could literally feel the excitement as the majority of everyone present could be seen laughing or smiling, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bride! As with almost every wedding, one of our absolute favorite moments is when the groom gets to see his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day! Robert’s face was pure delight as he looked at Mary-Kate and held her hands. After a short but lovely ceremony, Mary-Kate & Robert were husband and wife!

Seriously, keep reading because this is where things really pick up! :) After dinner, we witnessed a best man and maid of honor speech combo that could only be described as hilarious! Soon it was off for couples portraits and of course Mary-Kate & Robert did not disappoint! Then, the action really picked up! Despite being 40 degrees at its coldest point in the evening (and windy!), everyone, and we do mean everyone hit the dance floor! In fact, we would venture to say that the fact that it was so chilly towards the end of the evening made everyone keep dancing to stay warm and we did not mind at all! From the bride and groom having the time of their lives to their friends and family partaking in all the fun, these were by far some of our favorite moments from throughout the day! This was literally one of the most action packed small weddings we have been a part of and so special for us because of our connection with Mary-Kate & Robert!

As with all great things, our wedding day adventure with Mary-Kate & Robert eventually came to an end. We were so blessed and grateful to be a part of their special day and we know the future will be bright for these two love birds as they start this journey we call marriage! As this blog comes to a close, we think there is a valuable lesson for any married couple that is ever present at Mary-Kate & Robert’s wedding and that is, love unconditionally, laugh often, and make sure you don't take yourself to seriously!

-Jenny & Joe

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