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Beach Destination Wedding: Kim + Austin

Jenny and I were recently blessed with the opportunity to trade in the cool mountain air, beautiful blue ridge mountains, and lush green Carolina countryside for a weekend of warm sand, gorgeous beaches, and getting our toes wet (no seriously!). We made our way down to Kim and Austin’s destination wedding in Florida! It was really a destination wedding for us since they live here but, hey we’ll take it :) . Anyone whose known us for a while knows a large part of Jenny’s life before we moved to Asheville was made up of cheerleading and coaching cheerleading! To this day she can’t help herself when she sees a competition video posted on facebook but we’ll save that for another time (lol). What made this one so special for us is that Kim was one of Jenny’s athletes for a couple years while she was teaching and coaching. Add in the fact that Kim and Austin were getting married at the exact same spot we got married, and this one had huge sentimental value to us, in fact, Kim was actually at our wedding, so we really seem to have come full circle on this one! Did I also mention the fact that Kim and Austin were high school sweethearts and he’s a fireman? I mean, I’m not sure there’s anything we could add to this story line to make it any more dreamy!

This lovely day started off with a perfect combination of brews, laughs, good times, and exciting anticipation. Having already built a relationship with Kim, Austin, and their families, we couldn’t have felt any more like one of the family when we showed up! This is one of the reasons we love to develop relationships with our clients prior to their wedding days as it leads to so much more comfort on camera and everyone is more at ease which makes capturing fun & genuine moments easy!

Once everyone made their way to the beach, Austin and his groomsmen were soon greeted by friends and family pouring in for their beautiful ceremony. What a simple and elegant setting, and those skies!!!

We were all greeted by a comforting cool breeze on this warm Florida day and soon Kimberly would make her way down the aisle! She was such a gorgeous bride! And of course when you see your beautiful bride for the first time, you can’t help but smile bright like Austin.

After the beautiful ceremony, we were able to sneak Kim and Austin off for a few minutes to let it all sink in and of course, snap some sun kissed portraits of these two in the moment!!! Lucky for us, this would be round one because Kim had requested some cute fire fighter themed photos with her and Austin later that evening at the venue where a authentic vintage firetruck would be available for photos! Too fun!!!

…And speaking of too fun, this crew knew how to cut a rug!!! From the bride and groom to their family and friends, everyone found themselves having a great time at the reception and the good vibes carried on throughout the night!

Eventually our night did come to an end, but we are fortunate and blessed in that we know our relationship with Kim and Austin will stand the test of time! Congrats Kim and Austin and thank you guys for trusting us with your big day!!! You two couldn’t have been more perfect and we are so grateful we got to spend the day with you and your families!

-Joe & Jenny

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