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Spring Engagements at The Biltmore

The time is upon us! You wake to crisp cool mornings. Afternoons are full of blue skies and warm vibes! Evenings bring on some of the most beautiful sunsets! Nights are a perfect blend of breezy and mild. But let’s not forget one of the best things about spring time in Asheville, The Biltmore! People literally travel from miles around and states away to be surrounded by one of the most beautiful displays of spring around! No matter what path you take, whether it’s on the way to bass pond or just relaxing around the gardens, the variety of blossoms you will find at The Biltmore in addition to the sheer beauty of their layout is definitely a memorable experience! It’s no wonder this is one of our favorite places and definitely one of our favorite times of year to work with couples for their engagement photos! For this blog we wanted to highlight some of the aforementioned beauty of The Biltmore at spring time and show you some of our favorite spots to work with couples during this time of year!

The Hide-away!

Ok, so nothing is really too hidden at the Biltmore, most paths are paved or obvious routes of travel and if you aren’t allowed in certain areas, there will always be a helpful sign to let you know. This being said, the little path we call the hideaway is one our favs! It’s right off the road near the gardens and has a long stair case that brings you down to an open area that is usually isolated by lovely blooms! We call it the hideaway because it feels like your hidden from the rest of the property but truthfully it’s about 20 yards away from a lot of traffic. It’s one of our favorite spots because when photographing couples, especially if someone is a little nervous, it gives you a cool spot to be yourselves away from the crowds and gives you a beautifully vibrant backdrop to help give your engagement photos that natural color pop of spring!

The Gardens! It goes without saying that the crowned jewel of spring time at the Biltmore is the Gardens area! It’s one of the more popular spots for weddings this time of year and is almost always flocking with guests who wander is amazement at the previously mentioned variety, beauty, and color that surrounds them! And if for whatever reason you’re not crazy about the color-scheme, just wait a week or two, the amazing staff at the Biltmore are always changing out different blooms, colors, and schemes to make it look like something completely different within the same space. It’s quite impressive and always worth multiple visits to see the different combinations! Of course when working with couples for their engagement photos, it is always on the list of spots to hit during the spring season, and why not? The combination of different angles and attractive compositions are nearly endless!

Canola Flower Fields

“Wait, canola as in canola oil?” Right!? It doesn’t sound like it would be very attractive but think again! Being that the Biltmore does their best to be completely self-sustained and utilize all of their land, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they harvest their own canola oil! We didn’t initially realize until someone told us, but these lively flowery fields of yellow are actually canola crops! (Who knew?!) Believe us when we say, they are a wonderful site to see, in fact during this time of the year, it’s not uncommon for several cars at a time to pull over so guests can snap photos and selfies in front of the vast yellow flowering sea of canola crops! Though you aren’t actually allowed ‘in’ the field, utilizing these beautiful yellow blooms as a background, whether in focus or bokehed out, it is visibly sensational!

It’s always a good time of year to visit the Biltmore estate but spring always holds a special place in our hearts! Getting to work with so many incredible couples during this time of the year for their engagements and proposals is always exciting! Add in the natural beauty of spring and the amazing layout of the Biltmore and you have the perfect destination to document your love story! Remember when trying to plan for the photos you want at The Biltmore, make sure to plan ahead! Click here for more information on the planning process!

-Jenny & Joe

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