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Biltmore Proposal: John + Hannah

It should come to no secret to those who follow us that we do a lot of proposals! We would argue that there are few moments in life more exciting to capture on camera! There’s just something so magical about being there to document this moment. The planning, the build-up, the nerves, and the pure joy that always follows, gives a warm and fuzzy feeling that truly never gets old! Throw in a magnificent setting like The Biltmore on top of that and you really do get to be a part of something special!

John and Hannah were the most recent couple we were blessed to capture this amazing moment for! John contacted us 3 weeks prior to the big day and inquired about our availability. Thankfully we were available and we started planning from there! As with any surprise proposal shoot there is a lot of planning that goes into the process! Timing, location, weather , etc. On top of this, making sure you coordinate precisely with the timing of The Biltmore as certain areas close at certain times of the day. Thankfully through plenty of experience shooting at The Biltmore, we were able to work with John to set up the perfect plan for his proposal to Hannah! After discussing with John his vision for the moment, we all decided the best spot would be a little area we call the secret garden. Truly, the spot itself is not a secret and it’s easily accessible, but there’s usually not a lot of foot traffic there and since John valued privacy as well as a view of The Biltmore House, we figured there would be no better place! After a couple weeks of refining the timeline, we had our spot, day, and time worked out to a T as well as a potential back up plan in case it rained, but mother nature had other plans that day for John and Hannah!

Once the day and time finally arrived, we arrived early to make sure everything was good and find a spot to inconspicuously get set up (always fun when shooting proposals!). Soon after we saw John and Hannah approaching hand in hand as they strolled up and through the garden, this was it! John slowly turned to Hannah and as he reached into his pocket and pull out the ring he took one knee. Hannah’s expression and excitement were radiating to us (Jenny joked after that Hannah made her cry). It was one of the sweetest most genuine displays of excitement we’ve witnessed and soon after, she said yes!

After the proposal, there was still a sense of it all being surreal as you could tell Hannah was absolutely delighted and still somewhat speechless. After giving these lovebirds a few minutes to take it all in, we slowly moved across the property and got to know them as a couple, oh yeah, we took some pictures too!

As time flew by, and their dinner reservations grew closer, we eventually had to say goodbye to Hannah and John but not before two big hugs to wish them well on their journey! John, Hannah, congratulations to you both and wish you the absolute best you two continue to grow together! :)

-Joe & Jenny

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