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Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement: Megan + Michael

A few of the things we have to coordinate as photographers when it comes to engagements are location, day, and time! Bad weather is a constant that can affect anyone of those! Especially here in the Asheville area, we are constantly having to do our best to work with mother nature. It can be sunny and 75 down on one side of the mountain, and at the top or the other side it can be cold, windy, and rainy. It’s an ever present variable and as much as it ends up being a pain in the butt, we’re convinced that everything happens for a reason! In the case of Megan and Michael, what was supposed to be a sunset engagement session ended up being a beautiful sunrise engagement session at the Devil’s Court House overlook at the Blue Ridge Parkway! At the time we were so bummed for these two as they had driven the hour up the winding roads of the parkway to discover it was cold, windy, and raining heavy where they wanted to take their engagement photos. Add to this to the fact that Megan was only in town for a little while visiting as she had to return to school soon and we felt terrible! Thankfully they were both positive, understanding, and excited about their photos, so we were able to re-schedule them the next day in the morning as we already had another engagement scheduled the next evening. This meant another opportunity to tell their love story but it also meant getting up early enough to make the drive up the parkway and arrive in time for good lighting, not something everyone is willing to do, but thankfully they were! Along with their fur baby Harley, we hiked up the trail to the overlook and we were all delighted by amazing long range mountain views as well as piercing blue Carolina skies! It was a little chilly at first but as we reached the peak and these two started to get close, we all started to warm up! Megan and Michael laughed, hugged, and cuddled close as they took in the beautiful mountain scenery. Though it took some adversity to get here in terms of weather and scheduling, we absolutely believe it all worked out exactly how it was supposed to! Megan and Michael’s engagement session was a good reminder that even though things may not work out exactly how you had planned, sometimes they absolutely work out as they should! Congrats you guys and thank you for letting us be a part of your journey! (now enjoy the pictures!)

Thanks as always for following along :)

-Jenny & Joe

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